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1954 Half Crown
1954 Half Crown

Reverse of 1954 Brass Threepence
Reverse of 1954 Brass Threepence

1954 Coins as 50th Birthday Gifts
Fiftieth birthdays are an important occasion. A half century is worth special treatment. Naturally, you wish to give something of lasting value that will be kept for the recipient's lifetime. A coin bearing their year of birth is a increasingly popular but unusual and very special gift.

Golden Weddings
Golden wedding anniversaries are another important milestone, and it can be difficult to find a suitable gift. We happen to sell many items of gold, and can often find something different or unusual for these special occasions.

How We Can Help You
As a leading UK coin dealer, we are often asked for coins or coin sets from particular years such as 1954, as gift items. We are happy to try to oblige. On this page we list a few suggestions.
We keep most of the following coins in stock for immediate delivery.

Gold Sovereigns
Gold sovereigns are one of the gift items we most often get asked about.
Unfortunately, 1954 is one of many years in which no sovereigns or half sovereigns were issued.
We have a list of possible alternatives on the 1954 Sovereigns Do Not Exist page of our Gold Sovereigns website.

Krugerrands were not issued until 1967, so obviously we can't help there.

British Coin Sets
For 1954, we usually have British coin sets available from stock, these contain only 4 coins, but include the scarce 1954 sixpences.
These are described more fully on our British Coin Year Sets page.

Other British Coins
In 1954 there were no crowns issued.

Other World Coins
Although we specialise mainly in British coins, there are many other world coins and coin sets, some gold, some silver, which can make great gifts especially if the person has a particular affinity or connection with that country.

1954 Gold 100 Pesos from Chile
This was one of the few gold coins produced anywhere in the world in 1954. You will find it on our Tax Free Gold website on the Chile page.

Other 1954 World Gold Coins
A limited number of countries issued gold coins in 1954, we have details of them on the 1954 world gold coins page of our Tax Free Gold website. We can't guarantee to have any in stock, we have been searching for them for the past 12 months!

World Silver Crowns
A selection of dollar sized silver coins of various years from many different countries. If you are looking for a difficult year, this might be worth trying.

World Silver Proof Coins
Various silver coins, struck as proofs (special high quality finish) from different countries and different years.

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If you want to find the value of a coin you own, please take a look at our page I've Found An Old Coin, What's It Worth?

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