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For all those who have a healthy level of cynicism about advertising claims, you are probably looking at our heading with great doubt and suspicion. We will admit this is intended to be a light-hearted piece of advice, but as with so many messages which can be humorous, there is more than an element of truth in our claim.

It has been observed by doctors, and confirmed by research that wearing gold jewellery next to the skin can improve and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in a significant proportion of sufferers. Unfortunately, we can't see the British Government making 18 carat gold bangles available on prescription, even though they may be highly cost effective, especially compared with the cost of some drugs. Long experience has also shown that there are very few adverse side effects experienced by gold jewellery wearers, even over long periods of time.

Copper bangles and bracelets have been promoted as alleviating rheumatism. While we do not have any evidence about this, we feel that if an individual believes that it works for them, then we would not argue with experience. We usually point out though, that wearing copper can discolour the skin and clothing, many promoters of copper jewellery usually get round this by gold plating their wares. Unless a substantial, high quality gold plating is applied, it soon wears through. Our solution is to advise customers to wear gold jewellery. Nine carat, in particular, contains more copper than gold. It hardly ever turns clothing and skin green or black, and it has the advantage that as it does not need gold plating, there is no plating to wear off.

Virtually all consumer spending involves choice. We get customers who drool and dream about a £1000 diamond ring, but claim that they can't afford it. The same customers admit to smoking 20 cigarettes per day. In Britain, 20 cigarettes per day cost over £1000 per annum, so all that particular customer needs to do, is to stop smoking and buy a diamond ring with the proceeds. There is no case on record, to the best of our knowledge, of a diamond ring causing cancer! Smoking causes lung cancer, and many other types of cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. This is common knowledge shared by everyone in the world, except for a few brain-washed tobacco industry employees. The only circulation problems which might be caused by diamond rings, are wearing them too tight on your finger! Improve your health and your life expectancy instantly, go out and buy a £1000 diamond ring immediately. We can help you!

Diamonds improve your sex life! This may be hard to believe, and it may also be sexist, but guys, just try this! Go out straight away, and spend £1000 or more on a diamond ring, give it to your wife or girl friend. We guarantee your sex life will improve instantly! We are so certain of this, that we will even offer a money back guarantee, details on request.

On a serious note, there are some negative health aspects to jewellery. Some white golds are produced using nickel. This is a fairly common allergen. If you suffer an allergic reaction to white gold jewellery alloys, nickel should be the prime suspect, it is probably worth asking your doctor for an allergy test. The good news is that most European jewellery is now produced without nickel. Some low carat yellow gold alloys also appear to cause skin irritation through allergy or dermatitis, alloys with a higher gold content are much less likely to cause any problems. We recommend eighteen carat gold, or platinum if you prefer grey rather than yellow. Of course, these are more expensive, but then isn't your health worth the extra investment?

Lastly, if you feel good mentally, this can have a positive effect on your physical well being. If it would help you to feel better by buying, receiving, or wearing an expensive piece of gold jewellery or a diamond ring, then our advice would be to go for it! Anytime you feel slightly down, you can always look at it, and let it help you to think positive. the Lowest Possible Price

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