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Reverse of 1999 Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 1999 Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 1999 Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 1999 Proof Sovereign
British Proof Gold Sovereigns

The Royal Mint has issued Proof Sovereigns each year from 1979 to date.
Apart from demand from collectors, they have become a popular, almost traditional christening gift.

Obsolete Page - Visit New Website
In December 1999, we created a new website for British Gold Sovereigns, called, please visit our new website for updated information. We no longer maintain or update the page you are currently viewing.

The 1999 sovereign sold out at the Royal Mint in October. Although we managed to get about 10 more, we have now completely sold out of these, too! We now know of no other dealers with any in stock, otherwise we would have bought from them.
From the number of enquiries we are still getting, it looks as though there will be a lot of disappointed people who will not be able to get their hands on one.
If you are looking for a 1999, you can always let us know, and we can add you to our enquiry list. If it's for a christening or similar gift occasion, our suggestion for an alternative is to think about an 1899 sovereign.
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We are expecting to receive a few more in the next few days, which will be available at £185 each.

Proof coins are specially produced with a very high finish.
The dies are sand-blasted so that the raised design on the coin has a fine matt finish, while the raised parts of the die are highly polished, so that the field (the flat background) of the coin is highly polished. This ensures that the design can be seen at its best.
The striking is done with much more care than ordinary circulation coins, and each coin is individually examined for perfection.

They are housed in a plastic screw capsule within a de-luxe leatherette case.
The plastic capsules are simple but excellent. They allow the coins to be displayed safe from fingerprints and dust, but they can be unscrewed easily so that the coin may be handled and viewed.

Naturally, this sort of quality comes at a price, although we were selling at the official Royal Mint issue price of £149, post free within the UK.

We also stock many other dates of gold sovereigns, from 1817 to date.
If you are looking for a recent sovereign as a christening birthday, or other special gift, we often recommend taking one 100 years before the date, so instead of 1999, think about 1899. Although our stock varies daily, we can often supply an antique coin for around half the price of a new one!
Tell us the date you wish to commemorate, and we will try to give you a quote for that date, or for alternatives.

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