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Obverse of 1874 50 Lepta
Obverse of 1874 50 Lepta

Reverse of 1874 50 Lepta
Reverse of 1874 50 Lepta

Obverse of 1963 30 Drachma
Obverse of 1963 30 Drachma

Reverse of 1963 30 Drachma
Reverse of 1963 30 Drachma

Obverse of 1982 20 Drachma
Obverse of 1982 20 Drachma

Reverse of 1982 20 Drachma
Reverse of 1982 20 Drachma

The world's first coins were Greek coins made in Lydia about 640 BC, although the area of Lydia is now in present day Turkey, so that the relationship between Greece and gold coins dates back over 2,000 years. Unfortunately relationships between Greece and Turkey are not always so harmonious.
Almost all coins of ancient Greece are desirable and collectable, and gold coins quite rare.

Greek Coins
The currency of Greece is the Euro, prior to this it was the Greek Drachma.

Further Information
For more information on Greek history and coinage please see our history page.

50 Lepta182.50.835 Silver0.0671
20 Drachma27 Copper Nickel 
30 Drachma 180.8350 Silver0.4832

Notes to Table
Denomination = Face Value
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Standard weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of silver content.
AMW = Acutal Metal Weight = Fine Precious metal (silver) content in troy ounces.

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DateDenominationDescriptionMintageGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
187450 Lepta 4,501,000 Yes£4$6€5
198220 Drachma 24,299,000 Yes£4$6€5
196330 DrachmaCentennial - Five Greek Kings3,000,000 Yes£10$16€12

Ancient Greece
For information on Ancient Greece please see this page.

Greek Coin Sets
We have listed these on their own page.

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