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Portrait of Hadrian on Silver Denarius
Providence on Reverse of Silver Denarius of Hadrian
Providence on Reverse of Silver Denarius of Hadrian
Publius Aelius Hadrianus
76 - 138 AD
Reigned 117 - 138 AD

Hadrian is still famous in Britain today, over 1800 years after his death of the builder of Hadrian's Wall. Most of this is still standing, and is visited by most British students on school history trips. Parts of it can be walked along, and their are museums and historical sites along various parts of it.
Hadrian himself was born at Italica in 76 AD. On the death of his father, he was, at ten years old, placed in the care of guardians including the emperor Trajan. He embarked upon a military career, and married Trajan's grand-niece Sabina. He was appointed by governor of Syria, and was adopted by Trajan shortly before his death. This accounts for the inclusion of the name Trajan on his coins.
Much of Hadrian's reign was occupied visiting frontier provinces, and improving defences of the vast empire, including Hadrian's Wall in Britain.
He is regarded as one of the most capable and successful emperors. His reign was devoted to the improvement of the state, it was firm, and humane. He was also a patron of the arts. He died at Baiae on 7th July 138 AD.

Typical Coin Inscriptions

We show a silver denarius coin of Hadrian with Providence (Providentia) on the reverse. From the obverse legend ...COS III PP, we can date this coin between 128 and 134 AD.

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