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Obverse of a 4th Coinage Half Noble of Edward III
Obverse of a 4th Coinage Half Noble of Edward III

Reverse of a 4th Coinage Half Noble of Edward III
Obverse of a 4th Coinage Half Noble of Edward III
Edward III Half Noble-Fourth Coinage 1351-77
Pre-Treaty Period 1351-61/Cross 3 mm 1356-61

The First Gold Coinage
By 1344, the English coinage was going through a definite trend of silver coins with an increaingly lower purity. This was mainly due to funds being needed to fight wars abroad. At this point it was decided that the economic crisis could be averted by producing a new gold coinage. Bearing in mind that no regular British gold coinage had been produced since the 7th century, this marked a new dawn in the story of English hammered coins

At First the Florin was introduced, sometimes called a Double Leopard, and was valued at 6 shillings. Unfortunately, the first gold coinage was not very successful and was quickly replaced the same year by a heavier coinage. The Noble was valued at 6s 8d (i.e. 80 pence, 1/2 mark or 1/3 pound) with its fractions of a half and a quarter valued accordingly. Although the weight was lowered more than once, the half noble was fixed at a weight of 60 grains in 1351.

Fourth Coinage, 1351-77
The Half Noble we are offering for sale here is from the fourth coinage where the legend 'Rex Francie' is still present. It was not until after 1360 and the signing of the Treaty of Bretini that the title of French ruler was omitted.

King standing in ship, which may commemorate the naval victory at Sluys in 1340.
This design was used up until the gold Coinages of James I. The inscription reads;

Series G, as noble in centre of Royal Cross in tressure. The inscription reads;

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