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Julius Caesar and his Legions about to Engage the Britons at Deal
Julius Caesar and his Legions about to Engage the Britons at Deal

Silver Penny of William I
Silver Penny of William I

History of the English Speaking Peoples
Struck by The Danbury Mint in gold plated hallmarked sterling silver.
This is a collection of 50 silver medallions, with a total of 100 engravings, each portraying an important moment in English history:-

Details of Medallions
The complete set of medallions is as follows:-
First Album
1Julius Caesar Lands 55 B.C.Emblem of the Twentieth Legion
2Boadicea and the Romans 60 A.D.A Contemporary Roman Coin a.d. 54 - 68
3Picts and Scots 367 A.D.The Glamis Stone Pictish Cross
4The Legend of King Arthur 500 A.D.A Belt-Mount of the Period
5St Augustine 597 A.D.Province of Canterbury Arms
6First Viking Raid c. 789 A.D.A Viking Carved Horses Head
7Alfred the Great 871 A.D.A King Alfred Silver Penny
8The Battle of Hastings 1066 A.D.Coin of William I
9The Domesday Book 1086 A.D.Counterseal of William I
10Thomas A'Becket 1170 A.D.Province of Canterbury Seal
11Richard I and the Crusades 1190s A.D.A Cross Worn During the Crusades
12The Magna Carta 1215 A.D.The Great Seal of King John
13Simon de Montfort 1265 A.D.The Great Seal of Edward I
14The First Prince of Wales 1301 A.D.The Arms of Robert Bruce
15Robert the Bruce 1314 A.D.The Black Princes "Shield for Peace"
16The Battle of Crecy 1346 A.D.The Royal Arms of Henry V
17The Peasant's Revolt 1381 A.D.A King Richard II Penny
18The Battle of Agincourt 1415 A.D.The Royal Arms of Henry V
19The Wars of the Roses 1455 A.D.The Great Seal of Henry VI
20The Batle of Bosworth 1485 A.D.The Great Seal of Henry VII
21Henry VII 1536 - 1539 A.D.Third Seal of Henry VIII
22Mary Queen of Scots 1587 A.D.A Mary Queen of Scots Sovereign
23The Spanish Armada 1588 A.D.The Arms of Lord Howard of Effingham
24James I and James VI 1603 A.D.The Seal of James I
25The Mayflower 1620 A.D.The Council of New England Common Seal
26Charles I Executed 1649 A.D.Second Commonwealth Seal
27The Restoration 1660 A.D.The King's Orb Made for Charles II
28The Great Fire of London 1666The City of London Arms
29William and Mary 1688 A.D.The Seal of King William III
301st Duke of Marlborough 1704 A.D.Arms of the 1st Duke of Marlborough
31The Union of Parliaments 1707 A.D.The Royal Crown of Scotland
32Robert Walpole 1721 A.D.The Arms of Robert Walpole
33The "Forty-Five" 1745 A.D.The Battle of Culloden Medal
34Wolfe takes Quebec 1759 A.D.Contemporary Victoria Medal 1759
35Indian Under the British 1760 A.D.East India Company Arms
36Cooks' Voyages 1770 A.D.The Arms of Captain Cook
37American Independence 1776 A.D.The Great Seal of the United States
38The Industrial Revolution 1776 - 1851 A.D.Hargreave's Spinning Jenny
39The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 A.D.The Arms of Lord Nelson
40Slave Trade Abolished 1807 A.D.Abolition of Slavery Medal 1833
41The Battle of Waterloo 1815 A.D.The Arms of Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
42The Reform Bill 1832 A.D.The Seal of King William IV, 1765 - 1837
43Parliament in Capetown 1853 A.D.The "Cape Triangular" Stamp
44The Crimean War 1854 - 1856 A.D.The Crimean War Medal 1854 -1956
45The Indian Mutiny 1857 A.D.The Indian Mutiny Medal 1857 - 1858
46Gladstone and Disraeli 1868 - 1885 A.D.The Badge of Parliament
47Queen Victoria 1876 A.D.The Seal of Queen Victoria 1837 - 1901
48The Boer War 1899 A.D.Boer War Campaign Medal 1899 - 1902
49The Fist World War 1914 - 1918 A.D.World War I Campaign Medal 1919
50The Second World War 1939 - 1945 A.D.The Highest Allied Awards for Valour

Diameter45 mms.
Weight Each40 grams
Total Weight2,000 grams
Total Silver Content59.48 troy ounces

History Of The English Speaking Peoples

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