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The Only Honest Jeweller!
A Quote From An Ex-Employee!
One of Lawrence Chard's favourite memories is an ex-employee telling him he was the only honest jeweller she knew!

This lady was in a perfect position to know.
She had worked as the manageress at another local jeweller for some years. When he sold out, she came to work for us. At that time, I had two partners, both of whom she obviously knew. I now know that they were both crooks. One of them tried to steal from our jointly owned company, but the staff alerted us to the problem, and we managed to contain most of the damage. After resigning, he then tried to sue us. Eventually he withdrew his case, and paid us compensation, and our legal costs.
The other partner did manage to defraud me and one of our other jointly owned companies. I estimate he stole about £300,000 over about 10 years, half of which disappeared when he left.
He then proceeded to sue me and got legal aid, despite living in a £500,000 house, driving a new BMW, and his wife a new Toyota Previa. During the time he was on legal aid, he enjoyed expensive foreign holidays, bought out at least one jeweller's, bought a freehold property which he runs as his office dealing in gold coins and bullion, probably financed several other jewellers, and then opened a brand new jewellery outlet in a town centre location. Of course none of these businesses were in his own name!

Enough about crooked ex-partners, the ex-employee is now married to (yet another) jeweller, who she knew at the time of her comment.
While she was working for us, one of my partners decided she would have to go. I was asked to do the dirty work for us all, by writing the required warning notice. As far as I was concerned, the warning letter I wrote requested her firmly to improve her standards, and if she had done so, I would have supported her remaining with our company. However, not surprisingly, she took offence and left our employment abruptly.
It was perhaps six months later when we met up by chance, and I was delighted that she considered us to be on friendly terms, and informed me that she realised that it was my partner, her previous direct manager, who had engineered her departure. It was during this meeting that she told me that I was the only honest jeweller she knew.

I regard this as one of the most sincere and valued testimonials that I have ever received!

We have deliberately not named names here. The lady deserves to remain anonymous, and she would probably prefer to do so. The two ex-partners don't deserve the protection of anonymity, but the purpose of this information page is not publicly to blacken their names.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this page as much I I have enjoyed writing it, and that it helps you to use our services with greater confidence than ever.
If you thought there weren't any honest jewellers, now you know there is at least one! the Lowest Possible Price

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