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Gents Large Black Diamond Ring
Gents Large Black Diamond Ring
Peridot and Diamond Dress Ring
Peridot and Diamond Dress Ring
Tanzanite and Diamond Three Stone Ring
Tanzanite and Diamond Three Stone Ring
Pink and White Diamond Wishbone Ring
Pink and White Diamond Wishbone Ring
Diamond Set Wedding Band & Cut Out Band
Diamond Set Wedding Band & Shaped To Fit Band
Diamond Set Wedding Band
Diamond Set Wedding Band
His and Hers Pink and White Diamond Wedding Rings
His and Hers Pink and White Diamond Wedding Rings
Diamond Solitaire in Platinum
Diamond Solitaire in Platinum
Ruby and Diamond Wishbone Ring
Ruby and Diamond Wishbone Ring
18ct Diamond Set Russian Wedding Band
Diamond Set Russian Wedding Ring
Individual Custom Made Diamond and Gemstone Rings
Why not break away from the mass-market rings in High Street shops, choose a high quality designer ring, and get a bigger, better ring for your money?

Most of our customers are intelligent enough to know that its possible to get something different, preferably in excellent quality, without necessarily paying the earth for it.
Please see our custom made rings page to get an idea of what we can do!

For a start, we don't have a traditional jewellery shop, we get most of our customers via the internet, often entirely by mail order. Naturally, many customers wish to visit us, and we are always delighted to meet new customers, so you will be welcome to visit our showroom, which is homely rather than luxurious. Although it's not necessary to make an appointment, it's best to let us know in advance to expect you.

An obvious advantage of designing your own ring is that it is likely to be unique, you really can make the ring as unique as you are!

Not Just Rings...
Although we specialise in diamond rings we are also able to make almost any item of jewellery for you. We have even made a platinum guinea pig pendant! For further details and images please see our custom-made jewellery page.

How We Work...
Through many years of trial and error we have discovered the way that we think works best, both for us and the customer. Firstly, you tell us the maximum budget you have and / or are prepared to spend on this particular piece of jewellery and give us as much information as you have about what you want. This information could be a combination of pictures (from our catalogue or other peoples!), diagrams, pencil drawings or written descriptions. At the end of the day, the more information you provide us with at this stage the better, as it is more likely that we will understand your needs.
We then need to find the stones and the components, this may take a week, a month, or even a year! If, for example you wanted a matching set of twelve natural pink diamonds, this may take quite a while, however, a pair of white diamonds would be considerably easier.

Diamonds in Almost Every Colour
Many of our customers just want a white diamond, but we also stock red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet diamonds, give or take few shades in between, such as pink. We believe we are one of the few jewellers in the UK to have all these colours in stock. We probably have more coloured diamonds in stock than any other jeweller in Britain, even though Graff probably have a higher monetary investment in them.

Gemstones in Even More Colours!
Obviously there are many more gemstones available, you do not have to limit yourself to diamonds. Gemstones are available in all different colours, shapes and sizes and they are not always inferior to diamonds. High quality gemstones are quite desirable and can look nice when contrasted with white or coloured diamonds.

Eighteen Carat Gold, Palladium or Platinum
Forget cheap nasty nine carat or even a fourteen carat compromise, we only make our diamond rings in 18 carat gold, palladium or platinum.

Diamond Rings for Sale
You could use this as a starting point for ideas and then pick and choose the aspects that you like.

Diamond Information
More information than you will find almost anywhere about diamonds.

What our customers say...

“I cannot describe how happy i was with chard’s service. Not only did i find the perfect ring on your site , but when i found it was out of stock you made me one in record time , just in time to get engaged to my now wife of two years . You totally pushed the boat out and stepped up to the plate to get me exactly what i wanted and when i wanted it . I can only thank you again .”

Chris, Southampton

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