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We are always getting e-mails from people telling us that they have got a coin with a mis-spelt inscription. Much more than 99% of the time, they have got a coin with an absolutely normal inscription, it's just that they don't realise it.
One of the commonest "lettering error" we get asked about is from people who have found a letter V where they believe there should be a letter U.

It's Easy if You Speak Latin
The commonest language worldwide for coin inscriptions is Latin, and in Latin the letters U and V are the same, and are the 20th letter in the Roman alphabet. They are both a vowel and a consonant, so that the Romans would have spelt Venus as VENVS, the first V being pronounced vee as a consonant, and the second V being pronounced uh as a vowel.

Revised Coin Inscriptions
In our original Coin Inscriptions on British Coins page, as elsewhere on our site, we automatically convert Latin V into English U if it is used as a vowel, and leave it as a V if it is a consonant.
To help you find an original version of the inscription as it would normally appear on a coin, we have recreated our table of inscriptions on British coins, with the V's changed back into U's.
You can find this on our V's and U's on British Coin inscriptions page.

And Just For Our American Friends
The following table is not meant to be exhaustive. We are British coin dealers not American ones, these are just the few we fond in a five minute search of Yeoman's Redbook of U.S. Coins.
InscriptionTranslationFound Where
IN GOD WE TRVSTIn God We TrustQuarters, Standing Liberty Type 1916 - 1930
IN GOD WE TRVSTIn God We TrustSilver "Peace" Dollars 1921 - 1935

V and U on British Coins
For inscriptions on British coins, please see our Inscriptions on British Coins page.

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