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Reverse of Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 2010 Proof Sovereign
Tax Free Gold
As from January 1st, 2000 most gold coins are exempt from VAT. Visit our new Tax Free Gold web site.
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Reverse of 1974 Krugerrand
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Reverse of 1989 Gold Britannia
Investing in Coins
It is possible to invest successfully in rare coins, but there are pitfalls, and it needs time and effort to avoid problems and maximise potential gains.

There are many companies and individuals out there trying to part investors and collectors from their money. Crooks and fraudsters are likely to target investors, as almost by definition, they are people with spare money (capital) which they wish to invest (spend).
While researching before writing this page, we came across an excellent page on the FTC's website. It's actually quite a sad reflection on society that they felt the need to write it, but this does not detract from its usefulness. Rather than add a link to it, we have created a copy of the text on this page of our site.

Coin News - Token Publishing
Some time ago, we had a conversation with John Mussel, the editor and co-owner of Token Publishing, the publishers of Coin News magazine. He made it quite clear that he avoids talking about investment in relation to coins. We think this is very commendable of John, and represents a moral and ethical stance which is all too rare in these somewhat over-commercialised times. We do however think it is slightly extreme to ban all mention the two words "coins" and "investment" on the same page as each other. A commonsense approach is desirable.

Common Sense
Any and all investors should apply at least a modicum of common sense before parting with their money, or committing it.
Unfortunately, many investors seem to be lacking in common sense, or at least to have more money than sense, to start with at least. Once they lose some money, they gain some sense, but by then it is rather too late.

The Pro's
It is possible to make a profit by investing in coins, but the successful investor will need to put in some work to maximise the chances of gaining rather than losing.
One of the earliest pages on this website was about Collecting & Investing in Gold Coins including Sovereigns.

More to Follow
OK, it's almost 5 p.m. on a beautiful sunny Saturday (14th April 2007), so we are about to pack up, the author is going to have a rare early night, and continue this page soon...
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