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Obverse of 1934 Irish Halfcrown
Obverse of 1940 Irish Halfcrown

Countries Reverse of 1940 Irish Halfcrown
Reverse of 1940 Irish Halfcrown

Obverse of 1966 Irish Silver Ten Shillings
Obverse of 1966 Irish Silver Ten Shillings
The Republic of Ireland is a European country that covers the majority of the island of Ireland and was once part of a constituent country of the United Kingdom. Its capital is Dublin.

Irish Coins
In 2002, Ireland entered the Euro, and the punt (pound) was abolished. Irish Euro coins generally feature the Irish Harp that has graced the obverse of most Irish coins since independence.

Further Information
For more information on Irish history and coinage please see our history page.

DenominationDiameterWeightAlloySilver Content

Denomination = Face Value of Coin
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Fineness = Proportion of silver
Weight = Total weight in grams
Silver Content = Actual fine silver content in troy ounces.

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   James II Gunmoney  
   Pre-1826 Irish Coins  
1943Half CrownRarity  
2000One PuntMillennium95,000Piedfort Silver Proof
200715 EurosIvan Mestrovic8,000Silver Proof

Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

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We occasionally get Irish coin sets in stock, we have listed these on their own page.

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