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Jewellery - Definitions

Oxford English Dictionary
Jewellers' work; gems or ornaments made or sold by jewellers; esp. precious stones in mountings; jewels collectively, or as a form of adornment.
In commercial use commonly spelt jewellery; the form jewelry is more rhetorical and poetic, and unassociated with the jeweller. But the pronunciation with three syllables is usual even with the former spelling.
OED gives the earliest recorded usage as:-
E.E. Allit. P. B. 1309 Bot že ioy of že iuelrye so gentyle & ryche, When hit watz schewed hym so schene, scharp watz his wonder.

Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery
jewelry (in Great Britain, usually jewellery).
Any decorative article, including any jewel, that is made of metal, gemstones or certain organic materials, of high quality and with artistry or superior craftsmanship and intended to be worn or carried on the person for personal adornment or, in the broader sense of the term, used by a person for some purpose closely identified with his convenience or pleasure rather than only for a utilitarian purpose (see small work). It includes ancient, primitive, and modern objects of such character. Only be a loosely used extension of the term does it include costume jewelry or junk jewelry. The French distinguish bijouterie, joaillerie, and orfèvrerie.

Alternative Spellings
In England the usual spelling is jewellery, but in the USA, the more usual spelling is jewelry.
Earlier spellings include:-

From French joaillerie = jewellery, joaillier = jeweller

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