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A Small Selection of the Questions We Receive about Jewellery
This page is in date order, with the earliest entries at the bottom, and the newest ones at the top. You may also like to see our original Questions They Ask Us page, and our Coin Questions They Ask Us page.

Inquiry of Blue Diamonds
Do your blue diamonds come with GIA reports? Please advise.
Thank you, Jeffrey (USA?)
Dear Jeffrey,
Thanks for your enquiry.
"Do your blue diamonds come with GIA reports? Please advise."
Some do, some don't.
They can do if you want them to.
It all depends on quality, price and other factors such as whether they are natural or treated.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Have you seen our Blue Diamonds website?

Platinum Rings
I am interested in purchasing some platinum wedding bands in the sizes below. I would be grateful if you could give me a quote for the cost. Also, how long does it take for the rings to come once ordered (our wedding is in mid July)?
Ring 1: Width - 5mm. Depth - 2mm. Size - W1/2. Shape - medium court. Polished
Ring 2: Width - 3mm. Depth - 1.5mm. Size - J1/2. Shape - medium court. Polished
From your price list it would seem that these are likely to cost in the region of £650. I have been quoted £950 by a high street jeweller to make them (and this was the lowest quote!). Can I ask why there is such a huge discrepancy in price (i.e. should I be concerned that quility is being sacrificed . . . . ?)?
Many thanks, Pete B., UK
Dear Pete,
Thanks for your enquiry.
We believe that all your questions are already answered somewhere on our site.
We do not usually quote the depth of our wedding rings, as this varies with the finger sizes and other factors, the weight is a more reliable guide, however we can give you some approximate figures if you wish.
The rings you specify do indeed match up closely with our medium court shape rings. To compare better, you could ask your other jeweller the weights for which he has quoted you. Otherwise the prices you have been quoted appear in line with other feedback from our customers.
If you have read the information near the bottom of our wedding rings index page, you will appreciate our quality of manufacture. If a competitor is only 50% dearer than us, then he may indeed be sacrificing quality.
We also state that we like at least a month to make wedding rings to special order, but prefer longer. It sounds like good timing. We look forward to receiving your order!
3 carat argyle cognac diamond
Could you send me a quote for a 3 carat diamond ring similar to the one shown here with either a sqaure cut daimond or a round cut.
Gary M.,(UK?)
Dear Gary,
Thanks for your enquiry.
Before we go rushing off get you a quote on a 3 carat cognac diamond ring, there are a few questions we need to ask you.
We managed to deduce from the name of the jpeg image file you attached, that the ring shown was being offered by Rox Jewellers of Sydney Australia.
Have you had a quote from Rox? We would be interested in knowing what they have to offer, possibly a 1 carat but not a 3 carat.
Expect to pay about 6 to 10 times as much for a 3 carat compared with a 1 carat.
We don't have a 3 carat cognac diamond in stock, and we would need to find one before we could give you a quote.
You should also take a look at our various pages about coloured diamonds meanwhile, particularly the champagne diamonds page, although we are just about to add a cognac diamonds page in response to your enquiry.
Do you know whether you want a natural coloured diamond or a treated one, and are you aware of the potential price difference?
We look forward to hearing from you.

Besides the 2 Green Diamonds shown in your web page, do you have any other Green Diamonds in round shape?
Gary F., Hong Kong
Dear Gary,
Thanks for your enquiry.
Actually we have sold both the listed stones.
We recently bought another 12 carats of fancy coloured diamonds, but could get no green ones. We don't expect to see any more for about 6 to 8 weeks.
What size and price range are you looking for?
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I am looking for 5 pink diamonds, round cut, ranging in size from .20 carat to .50 carat or so. Also blue, green, light "champagnes" in same size range. And 2 light "champagnes" (C1,C2,C3)between .50 carat and 1 carat. Would you please send me a current list of what you have available, if anything?
Am enjoying your website.
Best Regards, Cynthia B., Ohio, USA

I recently send an email re:your inventory of available coloured diamonds, but forgot to mention that I am interested only in natural coloured stones versus the tinted or irradiated ones.
Thank you, Cynthia B., Ohio, USA
Dear Cynthia,
Thanks for your enquiry.
We are glad you mentioned natural before we sent a reply.
All our pinks are natural as you will read on the pink diamonds page. All our other fancy coloured diamonds are treated as described on their respective pages, except for the brown octagon, and the "straw" yellow.
We don't know which colour you have in mind when you say champagne, as we explain on our champagne diamonds page it is one of the most abused descriptions. We also don't understand the C1, C2, C3 grades. Perhaps you can explain?
To find sets of 5 matching natural diamonds in green, blue, or yellow, you may have to pay about 10 times our treated prices, if you can get them at all. Do you really want to pay $30,000 to $60,000 per carat?
We strongly believe that treated ones are a better way to go under these circumstances, as we also try to say on our site.
Please take a look at our stock lists (inventory), we hope you will find something you like.
Regards, Lawrence Chard

My fiance and I are looking for a round brilliant diamond of exceptional quality (D, E or F and IF, VVS1.2 or VS1) of between 1ct and 1.4ct. Do you have a stone which meets this requirement? We're based in Manchester so could easily come to Blackpool if you have something suitable.
June P., Manchester
Dear June,
Thanks for your enquiry. Do you want the diamond loose or in a ring?
Have you read our diamond quality pages? We explain amongst other things that a well proportioned stone can look better than a stone of higher colour and clarity, also that there is a huge price difference and an almost imperceptible quality difference between DEF, and IF and VVS. Do you have a budget in mind?
All this will help us to try to help you better.
Could you answer two queries I have?
1) What guarantee can your company provide that the wedding bands are indeed 18 carat gold?
2) From the date of order, how long can I expect to wait for delivery, if payment is by Switch or Solo?
Thank you for your help
S.C., UK
Dear Sally,
Thanks for your enquiry.
After more than 37 years in business, we would not dream of selling anything which was not accurately described.
All our wedding rings are supplied fully hallmarked.
There are pages on our site which explain this, but we have added a paragraph to the bottom of our wedding rings index page stating it explicitly.
Which rings were you thinking about, and when would you like them?
Because most of our wedding rings are specially made to order, we usually ask for at least 1 month. Some rings take longer, please give us as much notice as possible.
You will notice that our order forms ask for cheque with order, although we will accept deposits with order. This is because we can only accept debit cards from personal visitors to our showrooms as the voucher needs to be signed. We have no facilities to accept debit cards remotely.
We hope this helps.

what is platinum? I just acquired a Platinum Rolex and love the way it looks and feels - BUT I really don't know what it is.
Thank you
richard w., New york, NY, USA
Dear Richard,
We can't believe you are asking us this!
Why don't you ask the person you bought it from?
How can someone with the intelligence, initiative, work ethic, or whatever is necessary to earn enough to buy a platinum Rolex, not have enough savvy to find out this sort of information at the time of purchase.
If you really wanted, you could have looked at our "Facts and Data about Platinum" page, it's quite easy to find.
There are two questions we feel compelled to ask you:-
You did buy it didn't you?, as you state that you "acquired" it.
You wouldn't be trying to wind us up, by any chance?
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Pink diamond
Having read a few pages on your web site I do not hold out much hope but I am interested in having made a single stud ear ring as a Christmas present containing a pink diamond. I will readily admit to knowing very little about diamonds and any help would be appreciated, your company has always been a great help in the past when I have wanted to purchase gold coins.
Many thanks, Andy S., UK
Dear Andy,
Thanks for your enquiry.
We can try. It looks as though you may have read our Pink Diamonds page. Have you got a budget or other specification in mind?
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Subject: Do you do golden or silver letters?
To whom it may concern,
Could you please let me know if you are producing letters made in silver or gold.
Thank you very much for your co-operation.
Best regards
Ms Rosler
Dear Ingrid,
Thanks for your enquiry.
The answer to your question is probably "yes", but we are not sure what you mean by gold or silver letters.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Would it be possible to make a tri-band ring out of two bands of gold and one of platinum?
Do you have any acosiates in London?
Trygve Lillefosse
Dear Trygve,
Thanks for your enquiry.
Yes of course it is possible. The price would be 1/3 of the price in platinum plus 2/3 of the price in gold.
We don't associate with anybody from London, and we don't have any branches there either. This is partially why our prices are so low.
I am interested in having a wedding ring made out of solid Rhodium and I was wondering if this was possible as I have been informed that it is usually used for plating only. Please can you advise me to the feasability of this and also an approximate cost (eg twice the price of a platinum ring)
Thanks for your help
Matthew P., UK
Dear Matthew,
Thanks for your enquiry.
Although the bullion or intrinsic value of rhodium is currently about double that of platinum, the idea is not very practicable.
Firstly you mention solid rhodium, we presume you mean pure rhodium. Most metallic objects are made of alloys rather than pure metallic elements because alloys possess properties which elements do not.
Secondly rhodium is almost unworkable, which is why nobody currently offers jewellery made in rhodium.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I wanted to purchase an Eternity ring and have it engraved... Do you do engravings on rings? Also, is there a finance option available to pay over a period?
J. E.
Dear James,
Thanks for your enquiry.
Yes we can have rings engraved, the cost for this is about £7 to £10 depending on what you want engraving.
No, we don't offer any finance options. We keep our prices low, typically 30% to 40% below High Street prices by selling for cash, with no frills, just high quality. For large purchases a bank personal loan would work out less expensive than either a credit card or buying a High Street store.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Is it possible to have an eternity ring before you are married and if so which finger should it be worn on
Helen R., UK
Dear Helen,
Is it possible to have a baby before you get married?
Yes of course it is possible to have an eternity ring at any time. Have you read our page about eternity rings? Although this page suggest wearing on the ring finger, there's no reason why you should not wear an eternity ring on either hand and any finger you like.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I have a solitaire diamond ring, which is what I believe is called a tension setting, purchased from a jeweller in the Ivory Coast where I lived for some time. The diamond worked loose after wearing it for around one month. I had it reset in New York where I was then living by a jeweller recommended to me by the Ivory Coast jewellry shop (using same ring), but unfortunately the same thing happened again. I had it reset again by a jeweller in my parents town here in the UK. It has worked loose again.
My question: is the tension setting a bad setting and is there a greater risk of the diamond working lose using this setting? I am seriously considering getting the whole setting changed as I am unable to wear the ring for fear of losing the diamond (0.70 carat I think). Thks for your help,
Clare B., UK

Dear Clare, Did you notice we don't sell tension settings? If so, did you wonder why?
The honest answer is that we have been too busy to work on them. Although we do experiment with new designs, and new variations of existing designs all the time, we are always slightly reluctant to commit our customers to something which we could not feel at least 99% confident about. We have seen tension set rings promoted for a number of years now, and we have been asked numerous times whether we sell them.
Most of the tension set designs we have seen have been rather chunky, and although we have nothing against solid mounts, we think many of them looked rather inelegant. A tension set ring needs an amount of strength, and therefore needs to be substantial. It also needs to be springy, and be left in a metallurgically hardened state. If the ring meets these design criteria, then the stone should be reasonably secure. Obviously there is a lower margin of security than with most traditional setting styles. Any hard knocks suffered by the ring are more liable to distort it, or cause the stone to become loose or lost.
The exact alloy chosen for the mount needs to be one which is springy and hardenable, and the jeweller needs to ensure that it is left in the correct condition. There is also a slight danger of overworking the mount which would leave it liable to crack.
The problem you describe is what worries us about tension set rings. If they are not made substantial enough, if the alloy selected is not quite right, or if the jeweller does not have sufficient expertise and experience in working with tension rings, then problems such as yours are predictable. This is of course another reason why we do not currently offer tension set rings. We could take the easy route, and buy-in our mounts from other suppliers, or sell ready-made tension set rings, but this is not our policy. Our policy is to provide nicely designed, well made, high quality rings at very competitive prices, usually 30% to 40% below high street prices. We can best do this by selling only our own production.
To answer your questions(s):-
While we cannot say for certain that the tension setting is bad, we certainly do not have complete confidence in it. We would not go so far as to advise consumers to avoid buying it, but we would advise caution.
There is without doubt a greater risk of losing a diamond from a tension set ring, because the stone is only hold by the springiness of the mount, than a traditional setting with an underbezel and claws or a rim over the top of the stone. Of course a very substantial tension setting would still be more secure than a flimsy conventional one.
You have not mentioned what alloy your ring is made of, or what it weighs, and this could be important. It would also be interesting to know whether the jeweller from whom you bought the ring was promoting tension settings or whether you asked him to make a tension set ring for you. If he was promoting it, then we believe he is at fault for selling you a ring which is not fit for the purpose for which you bought it, unless he warned you about potential problems. You should expect him to rectify the problems. If you asked him to make it for you, then we believe you should share the blame. As you have discovered, two other jewellers seem unable to solve the problem, but we do not know how much experience they have of tension settings.
We get enquiries every week from consumers who regret buying an unusual style of ring. One common problem is English people who buy American style rings, often with a very high centre stone, sometimes with very little to support it, and perhaps lots of small diamonds channel set on the band. We can see at a glance why they were attracted to it, and we also know in the same glance why we don't offer similar ring styles. It's OK to make a sale, but we prefer to make customers. When our customers come back, we want it to be because they wish to make an additional purchase, not because they have a problem with what we previously sold them.
Your decision to have the diamond remounted in a more conventional setting sounds quite wise to us. We just hope you make a good choice of jeweller to remount it for you.
Lawrence Chard
just wondered if you could help at all with a puzzle i have? i need to find a precious stone who's meaning is 'do not drink'! i have the letters YTTASALE. thank you very much maureen n., UK
Dear Maureen,
Are you sure you got the question right?
What do we get if you win?
Do you really thing we have the time to answer quiz questions in addition to creating over 2,000 pages on our websites, and running a business at the same time? If so please send us a shirt with a large letter "S" on the front.
It would be sensible when asking questions like this to tell us more exactly about the puzzle.
We would suggest that for solving anagrams you could use a site like "Wordsmith" on their page
Apart from anything else, we reckon that the answer is AMETHYST, and that you have given us the wrong letters, still 6 out of 8 isn't too bad. The correct letters would have been YTTASMHE.
If we have guessed correctly, what does that make us, being able to work out the correct answer from an incorrect or only partially correct question? Also, what does that make you...
...Perhaps it would be better not to answer that question, and forget we ever asked it.
If you took the time to look through our A to Z of gemstones section, which we laboured for hours to create, you would have found "Amethyst" on the 3rd link down.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I came upon this site while using I have been trying to find out why my 10k yellow gold jewelry is turning my finger/neck black. Anywhere there is skin/jewelry contact. This only started about a year ago. I have researched allergy web sites with no real results. I understand the nickel in white gold, but my white gold doesn't cause any reaction, only the yellow gold. I buy 10k because of the strength. Any help you could provide would be appreciated, I don't wear my yellow gold any more because of this, it's embarrassing and looks like I am wearing "cracker jack box" jewelry! Thanks
Karen Blair, Indiana, USA.
Dear Karen,
We have been asked this before, and the answer is already on our site, on the 18 Carat is Best page, but as you are not the only one who could not find it, we have created another page titled Cheap Jewellery turns your Skin Black. We hope it helps.
Good Day
It came to our understanding that you might be intereted in constant high volume rough diamond , we herewith send you details of our available inventory , as you know things move quite very fast in the rough diamond market , if you find anything of interest , please be kind to inform of any possible interest , all of the underlisted can be delivered to the USA, Europe (with the exception of UK ) Canada, and Australia.
I have likewise attach a list of our cut diamond inventory for your perusal.( Note that this list changes nearly every week)
Available Inventory :
  1. Graded 3cts of "H" , VVS-1 , Sawable and without fractures. Origin :- Africa ( Zaire and Angola )
    Total of 21,000 carats .
    Price :- US$325 per carat or 40% below CSO rate at time of Inspection.
    Delivery :- To anywhere in Europe, Australia and USA.
  2. Ungraded 4cts from "E" to "H", all VVS-2 , all are Sawable and without fractures .
    Origin : Africa ( Zaire and Angola )
    Total of 9,000 carats
    Price :- US$415 per carat or 40% below CSO rate at time of Inspection.
  3. Graded 12 carat of "H" ,VS-1 , Sawable without fractures of a total of 19,000cts .
    Price : 40% below CSO rate as at time of Inspection or US$1,400 per carat .
  4. Graded 12 carat of "H" , VVS-1, Sawable but with slight fractures , of a total of 7,500cts at 40%below CSO rate as at time of Inspection or US$875 per carat.
Awaiting your interest . Thanks .
(Unsigned) Tina Anderson
(Attached Microsoft Word Document)
Dear Tina,
The offers sound too good to be true!
Whereabouts are you based?
Please note we do not open e-mail attachments from sources unknown to us.
How can I find the correct pronunciations and meanings for terms relating to jewelry in general, i.e., how does one pronounce "marquise" and what are its characteristics?
Thank you., Linda, Missouri, USA
Dear Linda,
We will try to add a section for common jewellery terms to our site when we have time.
That's a good question about how to pronounce "marquise". It is pronounced "mar-keys", not "mar-kwiss" as we frequently hear it mis-pronounced, it is often also mis-spelt marquis. The word marquise has been in use since at least 1885 to describe a ring or stone shape which is basically a long oval with pointed ends instead of rounded ends. It is also called a "navette" which is from French meaning boat, referring to its boat shape.
I think Jewellers of America probably publish a guide to jewellery terms, for pronunciation, any good dictionary should help.
July 11, 2000 at 10:52:25
goldrings enquiry!
I have a 1/3carat diamond ring, which is still in the box and it has never been worn, honest reason for sale. £150, it is gorgeous. Interested? Please e-mail me back.
Leah, UK
Yes we are interested.
If you care to give us a little more information, for example the diamond quality, gold fineness of the mount, original purchase price, where and when bought, we will have a better idea of the price we would be able to pay.
Hope this helps.
July 11, 2000 5:01 PM
allgold enquiry!
1/3carat diamond engagement ring for sale, brand new honest reason for sale, still in box, never been worn, £150
Leah, UK
We just answered your other e-mail.
Thursday, July 13, 2000 1:36 PM
diamond ring 4 sale
1/3 carat diamond engagement ring, needs to go - if you want to know why then please do not hesitate to ask.
Still in the box, never been worn, must go, i don't want much.
Please reply asap.
Many thanks
Dear Leah or Olga,
You have not yet responded to our reply from yesterday. Why are you sending us another e-mail?
Thursday, July 13, 2000 1:39 PM
diamond 4 sale
i can send a photo if you want me to, it's 1/3carat and gorgeous, needs to go, brand new, never worn, honest reason for sale
please reply asap
many thanks
What are you playing at?
This is your fourth e-mail message.
What is rose gold?
Louise, Canada
Dear Louise,
We already have the answer to your question on our site.
If you go to our front page:-
then click
Frequently Asked Jewellery Questions
What Is Rose Gold?
You should find out all you need to know.
I have just bought a white gold engagement ring and was disappointed to find that it leaves a black mark on my finger . Is this to be expected ... or have I been conned???
Denise K., London
Dear Denise,
Without seeing the ring, and having more information, we can't even begin to guess.
Is the ring 9, 14, or 18 carat gold?
Do you have any allergies, diabetes, or other health problems?
Have you read some of the information pages on our site?
From the front page:-
Frequently Asked Jewellery Questions
and look at:-
Allergies to Jewellery
What is White Gold and Where Does It Come From?
Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow?
Hardness of Different Gold Alloys
You could also look at some of the information on our other web site:-
particularly about whether 18 carat is better than 9 carat.
What does the jeweller have to say who sold you the ring?
Did you get it from a reliable jeweller?
Which one?
Hope some of this helps.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Lawrence Chard
Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some information on a stone called 'diamonique' - it is supposed to be a good replica of a diamond. If you sell this, please let me know.
Thanks, Dimple, UK
Dear Dimple, We presume you have been watching QVC on the "Shopping Channel".
Diamonique is their trade-marked brand name for cubic zirconia jewellery.
As you asked, and we have been asked several times in our showroom, we have provided as information page about "Diamonique" on our web site. You can find it by clicking our "Home" button, then clicking "Information", then "A to Z of Gemstones", together with information about "Diagem" and "Diamonair", other branded names for imitation diamond jewellery.
We hope QVC do not object to us publishing this information.
You may be interested to know that a major British High Street multiple jeweller spent considerable time and money on their expensive London solicitors demanding that we remove a completely factual, accurate, and informative page. Even though we believe that they would have lost, we felt that we could not afford the time or money to get involved in litigation. We can only leave to your imagination what they wished to conceal!
Hope this helps.
Good afternoon from snowy Whistler,
I wanted to thank you for your extensive information about gold and platinum etc. It's amazing, as a consumer, how much conflicting information one gets!
I am in the process of having an engagement ring made, and am trying to chose between white gold or platinum.
Essentially, I am a silver lover. I love the "whiteness" or lightness of silver. I am trying to find a precious metal that most closely emulates silver (ironic I think, given the price of silver!). We are trying to keep to our budget, however, so we are tentative about Platinum.
I, therefore, have a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind:
- Can silver be used for a ring setting for a gem (e.g. a sapphire)? I am assuming it is not used because it is too soft a metal, but I have been told that platinum is equally as soft? What are the chances of loosing the gemstone if a silver setting is used?
- Is platinum plating ever used for rings? If so, how long would the platinum plating last? Would plating white gold in platinum be much less expensive than getting straight platinum in the long run?
- I understand that Platinum scratches easily. Can anything be done about the scratches periodically?
- If one were to use Platinum instead of 18k Gold, and Platinum is a "softer" metal, does it make sense to "beef up" the ring setting to compensate?
- Does it not get expensive to have one's white gold ring "rhodium plated" every time the initial plating wears off?
- Do you have any suggestions as to how I can keep the cost of the ring down and still get the "lightness" of the metal I am looking for?
Thank you very much for your time!
Have a wonderful day................ Janet
Dear Janet,
I'm seriously thinking about giving up trying to sell jewellery, and going into the consultancy business. How much do you think we could charge per question?
I counted 10 question marks in your enquiry, and a few of the statements appear designed to extract a comment also!
However you did ask in such a nice way, that we can't resist trying to help, so here goes, I am going to repeat your questions, followed by the answers:-

"It's amazing, as a consumer, how much conflicting information one gets!"
That's usually because sales peoples don't like to admit to being ignorant, and resort to bullshit instead, but let's be kind to them, and assume that they guess, and get it wrong more than half the time.

"I am in the process of having an engagement ring made, and am trying to chose between white gold or platinum."
For the small difference in price, go for platinum. You will get more pleasure in the long term.

"Essentially, I am a silver lover. I love the "whiteness" or lightness of silver. I am trying to find a precious metal that most closely emulates silver."
All metals except gold and copper are a silvery colour. Unfortunately silver tarnishes easily, and is to soft to be recommended for delicate rings holding precious stones.

"We are trying to keep to our budget, however, so we are tentative about Platinum."
Is an extra $100 going to break the bank? Is the engagement ring intended to last a lifetime?

"Can silver be used for a ring setting for a gem (e.g. a sapphire)?"
Yes, but it may need to be a "chunky" ring, silver is not strong enough for precious stones in delicate mounts.

"I am assuming it is not used because it is too soft a metal, but I have been told that platinum is equally as soft?"
Which idiot told you that? Take a look at our Hardness of Gold Alloys page.

"What are the chances of loosing the gemstone if a silver setting is used?"
Quite high, although much high quality Victorian jewellery was made using silver settings soldered onto high carat yellow gold, so that the "white" silver showing off the diamonds better, but in these pieces the silver was only in the form of a flat wire or sheet soldered directly onto the surface of the gold, quite thin, almost like a plating. this meant the silver did not need to provide structural strength. Even so white gold or platinum would have been better. It was just not generally available at the time.

"Is platinum plating ever used for rings?"
To my knowledge, no! Even platinum is sometimes rhodium plated, but it doesn't need it, whereas most white gold alloys do need it.

"If so, how long would the platinum plating last?"
Not applicable, but if you mean rhodium plating, it depends on how well and how thickly the plating was applied, how much abrasion you give the ring, etc.

"Would plating white gold in platinum be much less expensive than getting straight platinum in the long run?"
No, I believe that getting platinum in the first place would work out more economical in the long run.

"I understand that Platinum scratches easily."
All jewellery metal scratch fairly easily, I don't believe that platinum scratches more easily than most of the others. Actually, I think that platinum and 18 carat yellow gold both look pretty good even when they start looking slightly homely and lived in!

"Can anything be done about the scratches periodically?"
Yes, if they really bother you, you could get the ring repolished.

"If one were to use Platinum instead of 18k Gold, and Platinum is a "softer" metal, does it make sense to "beef up" the ring setting to compensate?"
It isn't softer, so no!

"Does it not get expensive to have one's white gold ring "rhodium plated" every time the initial plating wears off?"
Yes, you are quite right.

"Do you have any suggestions as to how I can keep the cost of the ring down and still get the "lightness" of the metal I am looking for?"
No, you almost always have to pay more in the short term to get high quality. In the long term, its superior quality should repay the extra cash many times over, especially in terms of satisfaction.

"Thank you very much for your time!"
You are welcome!
While I was writing the above, it occurred to me that I sounded like a platinum salesman, giving all the "textbook" answers, however I am only interested in disseminating honest accurate information. If PGI (Platinum Guild International" ever read this, I should be in line for a "PLATTY" award; so far no such thing exists, but if we can have GRAMMY awards, I don't see why we can't have "PLATTY" awards.

"Have a wonderful day................ Janet"
That's very nice of you! Hope all this helps. Most of it can be found somewhere on our site, but it doesn't do any harm to repeat it here.

Now, about the fee for the advice...
I love skiing, and I know that's what Whistler is famous for. If you look on the How To Find Us page, you will see where I spent a week this January, in Courchevel, France, one of the world's best ski resorts. Now many people tell me that skiing in North America is even better than in Europe, I like to keep an open mind about these things, so some day I intend to try out the double black diamonds over there. Actually, when I meet American ski-bums in Europe they usually tell me that European skiing is far more extensive than US or Canadian skiing, and because they are usually advanced skiers rather than the intermediates who praise North America, I would tend to believe them rather than my English compatriots.
I must warn you that if you extend me any invitations to visit you in Whistler, I almost certainly will turn up one day, and if I like it, you may find it difficult to get rid of me!

By the way, you should try to ensure that you get .950 platinum, not .900 or .850 as these lower grade alloys will not be quite as good. In the UK, it is now possible to get .999 platinum hallmarked, but this is not practicable for jewellery, most pure metals do not possess all the required or desirable properties which it is possible to achieve with the optimum choice of alloy

Hello again,
I just sent off an e-mail to you and I forgot to ask one question. It is a gem cutting question. Hopefully you can help:
I am looking at a 1.22 sapphire that is the exact colour I have been looking for (a tanzanite colour). It is an elongated cushion cut with the following dimensions: 4.6mm * 7.6mm. As I mentioned the colour is great but the cut is less than great. The has good fire on the sides of the belly but in the middle is a bit of a window.
Is there any possibility that this gem can be recut to get rid of the window (I have been told that windows are due largely to poor cutting) and improve the liveliness of the stone, without reducing the surface size? I don't currently know the depth of the stone but I can tell you it seemed to have a fair belly. I have a contact with a gem cutter who is good and very reasonable but I am not ready to ask him yet.
Thanks again, hope to hear from you soon!!!!!
Yours truly,
This one is much more difficult to answer.
Windows form because of the inherent character of the stone, either colour banding or shape, good cutting and some luck, can reduce or sometimes eliminate it, but not always. Usually it is shallow stones which suffer from windowing, so if yours is deep, it may be best to leave it alone.
You really need to get a lapidary to give you an opinion, and don't be surprised if even he can't be certain. I think that most lapidary work is partly lucky guess. Before half the world's lapidaries e-mail me, let me say that the more experienced and skilled a lapidary becomes, the luckier he gets at guessing.

P.S. My skis are waxed and ready to roll!

What is the tradition behind giving eternity rings i.e. are they traditionally given for a particular event e.g. aniiversary, birth of 1st child etc...
C. S., UK
Dear Chris,
We believe that all the information you ask about eternity rings is already on our site:-
then click
Eternity rings
The Story of the Eternity Ring
Hope this helps, if we have omitted anything, please let us know.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Any likelihood of introducing on-line ordering?
Colin, Coventry
Dear Colin,
Yes certainly!
When once we get over 50% of our products online instead of under 5%, we will be trying to move to online ordering.
Naturally when we do that, we would want our system to be able to perform a stock check, raise an invoice, and charge your credit card.
Is it jewellery or coins you were interested in?
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I have got an 18 carat white gold engagement ring and wedding ring. They have both gone yellow and seem to be very scratched. I was wondering whether any chemicals (esp. solvents - i work in a lab) could have caused the yellowing or whether it was just a very thin plating. I have only had my wedding ring for 8 months and it went yellow after about 3 months. Also what is the best way to clean diamonds from behind the setting. My earrings esp. need a good scrub. Please help
Sonia C., England
Dear Sonia,
We have a page or two on our site specifically about white gold, and why it turns yellow.
Try information; jewellery FAQs; white gold
Use warm soapy water and an old soft toothbrush.
Sorry this is brief, pre-Christmas rush, 16 hour days!
Regards, Lawrence Chard
Hello there,
My enquiry is I have a gold bangle. It is stamped 375. Does that mean it is 9ct gold? Over here 925 is sterling silver. Could you pleae answer this.
With thanks,
Robyn, Australia
"Does that mean it is 9ct gold?" - Yes
"Over here 925 is sterling silver." - Same over here!
i am wondering that you have information about chemical element analysis about plantium, gold, diamond, sliver, sapphire. because i am student at local university for assignment which require by my tutor
thank you
shahab reza
You could take a look at:-
Its a very informative site.
Dear Sir's
I have a jewellery repair business based in Birmingham U.K. At the moment of writing I am looking into setting up a web site, aimed directly at the home retail market.
Without wishing to sound cheeky, I would be grateful if you could pass on any advice regarding a site i.e. is it worth it!
Thankyou for your time.
Yours sincerely, A.P.W.
Dear A., Since we started this site on November 28th 1998, we now have four separate sites, with plans for more. That should speak for itself. Mind you I have invested about 2000 hours of my personal time into the sites, so they should repay this. I believe you only get out what you put in.
Yes, go for it!
Lawrence Chard
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
All the best, A.
How is gold wholesale price per gram figured?
Al, Florida
We reckon that most wholesalers take a guess at the highest price their customers are prepared to pay, but because most wholesalers are human, they will all arrive at different answers.
They will also give discounts to quick payers and volume buyers.
To be able to give you a more precise answer your question would need to be more specific.
hi, my name is charlotte and i go to wangenheim middle school. i'm doing a project having to do with the song "the twelve days of christmas" if you could help me out i'd really appreciate it. i would like to know how much a gold ring would cost and if their would be a discount if i bought a cetain amount of them? thanx for ur coroperation! bye
charlotte, California
Dear charlotte,
Are you quite sure your name isn't Charlotte? Capitals are quite important you know. If California didn't have a capital, where would all the people in Sacramento live? Also where would all the state government officials meet to decide important matters like "who's going to collect the garbage?"?
It's difficult to give you an exact answer to your question, because there are thousands of different designs of gold rings, and the price depends on many factors, such as the weight, the gold content, the quality, whether there are any gemstones, and more. It also depends on what the buyer is willing to pay.
Most jewellers would probably give you a discount if you wanted to buy "five gold rings" at a time. Our prices for plain gold rings start at about £20 and go up to a few hundred pounds.
A pound is worth about $1.65 US, you could check if your teachers or parents know the exchange rate of Dollars against Pounds. You may be the only member of your class who knows!
There is probably a local jeweller you could visit who could show you samples and give you even more information.
Does this help?
Lawrence Chard

yes it sort of helps thank u very much
always, Charlotte

What is rose gold? What is green gold?
Jessie J., Wa, USA A
Dear Jessie,
The answers to your questions are already on our website!
If you reload our site:-
and then click
Frequently Asked Jewellery Questions
What is Rose Gold?
What is Green Gold?
You will find the answers.
Just a quick question. I was recently going through some old stuff off my grandmothers and found a necklace with a pendant attached. On closer inspection I found the pendant to be an "1823 Crown" (with King George III on it), the ring for the necklace had been welded to the top with what looks like brass.
To cut to the chase my question is: Does this conversion serverly depreciate the coins value, which on its own I would grade as Extremley Fine (40), except for the lump of brass attached to the top. I have a feeling it does but would like some clarification.
Thanx for your time
Peter B, Australia
Yes, it does absolutely ruin it, and reduces it to near scrap value.
Please not, though, that 1823 crowns don't exist, could it be an 1823 £2 gold piece, (or a copy). In EF it catlaogues about £550, mounted it's worth about £80 to £100
Also 1823 would be George IV not III
You weren't testing the amber nectar before reading the coin by any chance?
Q In what order should youwear your ringsi.e. wedding ,engagemntand eternity on the same finger?
R.F., England

A Dear R.
Wear them in any order you wish.
The most traditional order is wedding ring first, many people never remove them, followed by eternity ring (which is really a "dress" or "best" wedding ring), then the engagement ring.
Many people alter this order depending on the design of the rings, and their own personal preference.
Jewellery exists for the pleasure of the wearer, not the other way round.
Hope this helps. Regards, Lawrence Chard

Q I've never seen 18 Carat White gold yet your article suggests it exists. Why then in jewelry stores do they always seem (to me) to have 10 and 14 carat white gold, but 18 carat gold rings with silver always have platinum as the silver color. I thought maybe it required more than 25% other metal to get a nice silver color, but your article refutes that too.
By the way nice website.
Lee L., California, USA

A Dear Lee,
10 karat and 14 karat are cheaper and not as good as 18 carat. You need to look in better jewellers! It's the same in this country. Thanks for your kind comments about our website.
Regards, Lawrence Chard Q
I am looking for the test methodology to look for nickel content and nickel release in Jewellery. Hope you can help.
J.D., Great Britain
Dear Jonathan
Any of the 4 assay offices should be able to help you. Try Sheffield, Tel: 0114-2755111

I wonder if you could help me. A jeweller near me is selling a pair of earrings which he says could be Alexandrite, set in 18 carat gold. I don't know why I feel this but the setting seems middle eastern in design - although subtle. He is charging only £180 which makes me very suspicious, although he says that he hasn't tested them. Surely he would have done so, particularly if testing for authenticity is fairly simple. I am going to have another look at them tonight although I don't intend to make a decision yet as I want to make sure that I put the birthday money I have received from my father to good use, but could you give me any ideas how I could, as a layman test whether they are corundum?
I would really appreciate your advice.
Many thanks
V. S.

Further to my email yesterday regarding checking Alexandrites, don't bother to reply to it as I did a bit more research and when I went back to the jewellers, I carried out some light tests and checked them through a glass. Pretty sure I saw tiny air bubbles, so reckon they were synthetic corundum.
Many thanks anyway.
V. S.

Glad to hear you found the answer.
Usually if the offer sounds too good to be true, then it isn't true!
There are some good books on gem testing, when we get chance, we will put a review or list of them on the site.

Thanks for your replpy, I did'nt mean to take up any of your time. I was just looking for a quick guestimation, to see if it was going to be worth my time to get a more acquire valuation thank you
R. W.
Enquiry begins:: What does 14KT GE UNCLAD mean? It is stamped inside a ring we have
S.G., Ohio, USA A
Dear Shelly,
The 14KT stands for 14 carat (karat in the US and Canada) gold. We do not know what the GE or UNCLAD mean. You should ask the people who sold you the ring!
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I am wondering why you have this web site ?, and what is the point point you are making.
I know all about Mr Ratner, and and the crap statement, and it was taken out of all context by the papers and now you. I worked for the Ratners for over twenty years, perhaps i can fill you in on all the details that led upto that comment.
Dear Joe,
I am still waiting for the further information you half promised in your e-mail, to which I replied several weeks ago.
By the way, I don't consider that I quoted GR out of context.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Lawrence Chard
Dear 24 carat,
Congratulations to your Website; very informative and easy to use.
I am currently in Australia on a working holiday; got some money saved, which I would like spend on jewellery. This would be an investment with possible easy selling in few years time when cash needed.
Question: opal or diamond? Which one keeps its value better? Are they better buy here than in Europe?
Yours sincerely,
Mr. A. C., Adelaide, Australia
I will be in London this August (17th -Sept 2) and would appreciate if you could tell me where in London would I be able to purchase the prince charles 50th birthday 5 pound crown and the princess diana five pound coin. Thanks.
s. c., hawaii, USA
How much means one carat versus kilogramo?
a. r., mexico city
How long does Rhodium Plating last on a 14 karat "white gold" ring?
Dawn M., WV, USA
Dear Sir,
I am a jeweler in mauritius. I would like to know weather the alloy of 16k,18k,22k ect can made by acid. It is the only theory or not.Please mail me for this small enquire thanks.
As I noticed that the color of platinum is similar to white gold or silver. How can I distinguish them?
Is it true that the pure platinum will be soft like pure gold? Can the jeweler really make ring from pure platinum? If not, what is the appropriate purity for making platinum (wedding) ring ? (with out diamond)
What about the appearance of the platinum ring ( after several years of wearing) ? Will it be scratch or scrape and leave the mark on the surface of the platinum ring easity?
Thank you for your kindness to answer my questions.
Prateep W., Thailand
What amounts are needed to obtain 14 k white gold alloys with palladium and nickel?
D. F., Mexico
Looking for help in advertising in uk for qualified jeweller. We market similar goods to you and are desperate for good jewellers. Limited supply in oz. Could you point me in the right direction. Pleeese.
Thank you in anticipation.
Graham T., Australia
What is the cubic volume of an ounce of gold?
Dan H., WI., USA
how do you determaine value of white gold and is it worth spending money on
Jack, New York
how does one take care of white gold jewellery ? ie cleaning or polishing methods so it keeps its lustre.
May, Singapore
My partner recently bought me a diamond from the South African mines whilst he was on holiday there. The diamond is .37 ct and is graded colour G and clarity VVS 2. It came with a certificate.
I have been told by a local jeweller that he can by the same quality stone (i.e. G and VVS1 at the same size)for £250. He didn't see my diamond, but was just commenting that he can buy them for that price. I was horrified as my partner paid far more than this for the stone!
I realise that you are unable to price a diamond you haven't seen but I would be very grateful if you could give me some indication how much a stone like it would cost. I have checked a couple of American web sites, but obviously, the pirces would be different over there anyway.
Please don't worry that I will be disappointed with your reply! The fact is that the diamond is really beautiful and I love it anyway! I will just have to resign myself to the fact that it's worth much less than my partner paid for it if that is the case!!!!
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your help.
Kindest regards
Lynne H., England
Dear Lynne,
While we are thinking about your question, how much did your partner pay for the ring, this will make it easier to comment.
Regards, Lawrence Chard
I sent you an enquiry yesterday from your web page regarding a diamond bought for me by my partner. I was unsure of the certificate that came with the diamond, but I have since found a site (under construction I'm afraid) with details on about the certificate I have. I thought you may be able to give me better advice if you were able to see the site - that way, you know exactly where the diamond came from, and have full knowledge of the certificate. It states that it is the official certificate of South African Diamonds and also says that it is the accepted equivalent of the GIA one. You'll know better no doubt!
The URL is:
Incidentally, I'm really impressed with your web site. It's extremely informative.
Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it! (Can't say I'll feel the same if you tell me the diamond is worth about 50 quid though :))))
Lynne H., England
Thanks for replying.
The diamond was not in a ring, it was just a diamond on it's own!
I'm not absolutely certain what price my partner paid for it (and please don't think it matters if it's not worth as much as he paid!). I believe it was in the region of £700.
Hope you can give me some indication.. I really don't expect you to be able to give accurate information via e mail.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Lawrence
I spoke to my partner last night about the diamond and I have a little further information for you.
He was told that by buying a diamond from the mines meant he was getting it far cheaper and that the diamond would be worth far more than he had paid for it.. particularly as in Europe, diamonds were more expensive anyway. He was under the impression it was worth at least double. He realises that this may not be the case!! We've seen similar diamonds for sale at much higher prices though.. so it's intrigued us!
I'm not telling you this so that you feel you have to give me a high price on the diamond Lawrence! Please don't think that I am!!! I realise it may be worth less.
As I said in my previous mails... the diamond is really gorgeous and I love it. That's all that matters I guess.
I wrote to you because when I saw your web site, I got the impression that the diamond was quite a good colour and clarity.
I look forward to hearing from you.... thanks again!
Will appreciate if you can furnished me the design and material required to make a mould for a gold ring, and where to get it. Thanking you in advance.
W. K. L., Malaysia
I have made two 14k gold alloys: one is quite yellow: 58.5% gold, 27% silver, and 14.5% copper.
The other has a softer color tending toward a bronze. It is 58.5% gold, 14.5% silver, and 27% copper.
I like the first alloy, but it seems brittle. Is there a better alloy of 14k yellow gold? I notice that some gold alloys contain zinc. What does the zinc do?
What will make an alloy more ductile, and malleable?
S. R. R., Oregon, USA
How do u take care of 18 K white gold jewellery ? My piece has is not as lustrous as before, is there any way to restore the shine such as polishing and if so, with what agent ?
W.M. L., Singapore
What causes 14k white gold to turn dark grey and not longer shiny? It looks kind of tarnished. I have another white gold ring and neklace that has stayed perfectly shiny and white. Could this happen if they did not put a rhodium plating on.
Jen, IL, USA
I recently purchased a 14k white gold ring and it keeps turning yellow. Several jewelers stated that white gold can't turn yellow, it can errode but not turn yellow. They said if it is turning yellow it is probably yellow gold with a rhodium finish. My jeweler denies this. However, he did do a rhodium finish to solve this problem but now, 2 months later it's turning yellow again. Can you tell me if white gold can turn into yellow gold?
T.H., New Jersey, USA
Dear Terrie, Have you read the FAQ pages on our site? If you go to:- then click information Frequently Asked Jewellery Questions The 2 pages:- What is White Gold and Where Does It Come From? Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow? Should be interesting for you!
how do you determaine value of white gold and is it worth spending money on
Jack, newyork
how does one take care of white gold jewellery ? ie cleaning or polishing methods so it keeps its lustre
May, Singapore
I sent you an enquiry yesterday from your web page regarding a diamond bought for me by my partner. I was unsure of the certificate that came with the diamond, but I have since found a site (under construction I'm afraid) with details on about the certificate I have. I thought you may be able to give me better advice if you were able to see the site - that way, you know exactly where the diamond came from, and have full knowledge of the certificate. It states that it is the official certificate of South African Diamonds and also says that it is the accepted equivalent of the GIA one. You'll know better no doubt!

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