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Obverse of Kennedy - The 35th President Gold Medallion
Obverse of Kennedy - The 35th President Gold Medallion

Reverse of Kennedy - The 35th President Gold Medallion
Reverse of Kennedy - The 35th President Gold Medallion

Kennedy - The 35th President Gold Medallion

Gold medallion commemorating the 35th President of the United States of America, President John F Kennedy.

John F Kennedy was the second son of Joseph Kennedy, who would later become US ambassador to the United Kingdom. Prior to America's entry into the War, Kennedy lived in London and saw the Blitz first hand, inspiring him to write his University thesis 'Why England Slept' paraphrasing Churchill's own book 'When England Slept' providing a critical analysis on the failure of Britain to confront Hitler.
Upon America's entry into the War, Kennedy joined the US Navy and commanded a patrol boat in the Pacific. When John's elder brother Joseph was killed in action in Europe, he inherited his father's ambition to make him president one day. In 1960, this ambition succeeded in getting him elected to the presidency and John was sworn in the following year.
John F Kennedy was the youngest president ever elected to office, and perhaps one of his greatest achievements was his resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 without provoking a nuclear conflict or backing down.
Tragically, whilst travelling in an open car through Dallas on November 22nd 1963, John F Kennedy was shot dead by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, an act which is still to this day the subject of many conspiracy theories surrounding the true nature of his murder.

Profile of John F Kennedy surrounded by the legend:-

Great Seal of the United States.

Kennedy Gold Medallion3615.760.7500.3800 troy ounces

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