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Obverse of Pistrucci Medallion of 1993
Portrait of Benedetto Pistrucci on 1993 Royal Mint Silver Medallion

Reverse of Pistrucci Medallion 1993
Montage of Three Sovereigns on Reverse of 1993 Royal Mint Silver Medallion

Silver Medallion of Benedetto Pistrucci
In 1993, the British Royal Mint produced a silver proof medallion honouring Benedetto Pistrucci, the Italian master engraver who was employed by the mint in the early 19th century, and who produced the original design of Saint George slaying a dragon. This design has featured on most British gold sovereigns, and other coins, since 1817.

Portrait of Benedetto Pistrucci, facing right.

The reverse shows a montage of three different gold sovereigns, 1817, 1821, and 1893. That of 1817 has a garter with the inscription:-
HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE the Lowest Possible Price

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