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Gold Medallion of Jose Marti of Cuba
José Marti Medallion in 18 Carat Gold
We must admit we had never heard of José Marti until we acquired this medallion.
Searching the internet for "José Marti", the first site we found was, where he is described as Cuba's greatest hero.
A quick check in our Chambers' Biographical Dictionary failed to find any mention of him, so the internet was definitely a great and fast source of information.
José appears to have been a great writer and poet, but also to have died in 1895 in the cause of the Cuban Revolution.
He is frequently mentioned in the same articles as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Lasting Fame
As we state, we only heard of José Marti through coming into possession of this fine medallion, which demonstrates that one way to achieve lasting fame is to be depicted on a coin or medallion, however from the medallion itself, we could not learn more about José himself, for this we needed the internet. We feel that this demonstrates the power of the internet to commemorate worthy individuals, and for this memorial to be flexible enough to grow and be updated perpetually.
We wonder whether, in future, the permanence of a gold medallion or the transience of the internet will have a greater power to carry reminders of the Great of previous generations?

A high relief portrait of José Marti, with the inscription:-


The reverse is blank, being a uniface medallion.
The edge is plain.

Our medallion weighs over 70 grams, is stamped 18K, and so appears to be in 18 carat gold, and measures 41 mm in diameter.

If anybody reading this has more information, we would be happy if you would inform us further.

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