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Obverse of Preston Guild Medallion 1972
Reverse of Preston Guild Medallion 1972
Once Every Preston Guild!
"Once every Preston Guild" is a local expression meaning infrequently. In fact the ancient fair called Preston Guild or Preston Guild Merchant is held only once every twenty years. The medallion illustrated is one of a pair, struck in silver and bronze by Vaughtons of Birmingham, for the Preston & District Numismatic Society on the occasion of the 1972 Guild Merchant.

Preston was recognised as a Borough by Royal Charter of Henry II in 1179. This also gave it rights to a fair and market. The Borough was to be run by the freemen of the Guild Merchant. The fair was held at irregular intervals before 1542, and then every 20 years.
The last fair was in 1992, and so the next is due to be held in 2012.

The obverse design consists of three circles arranged in a triangular pattern within a larger circle. The three circles contain portraits of Henry VII representing the past, Elizabeth II representing the present, and three stars with the word "Future", representing the unknown future.
1179 - 1972

The reverse shows the coat of arms of Preston, a lamb holding a cross, with the letters PP beneath for Proud Preston, in a circle within a triangle. Outside the triangle are the three more circles containing respectively a church, a shuttle as used in weaving cotton, and an aeroplane, signifying the importance locally of aerospace manufacturing.

Other Specifications
Diameter 51 millimetres
Weight (Silver) 65.4 grams
Weight (Bronze) 54.6 grams
The medallion we describe as bronze may in fact be bronzed white metal.
Boxed. the Lowest Possible Price

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