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1965 Death of Sir Winston Churchill on Obverse of 1977 Silver Medallion
1965 Death of Sir Winston Churchill on Obverse of 1977 Silver Medallion
1977 Silver Coins
Obverse of 1977 Silver Jubilee Medallions
Obverse of 1977 Silver Jubilee Medallions
1972 Britain Joins the Common Market on Obverse of 1977 Silver Medallion
1972 Britain Joins the Common Market on Obverse of 1977 Silver Medallion
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee - The New Elizabethan Age
In 1977 the Birmingham Mint issued a set of 26 silver medallions, one for each year of the queen's reign. This was to commemorate Her Majesty's silver jubilee year. Each medallion portrays an important theme or event from its year.
Each medallion weighs approximately 45.5 grams (about 1.5 ounces troy), and is made of Sterling silver.

The obverse of each medal shows an important event from its year, with the inscription.

The reverse shows the date 1977 within a laurel wreath, with a crown above. On a scroll is inscribed:-

The complete set of medallions is as follows:-
1952Accession of Queen Elizabeth II
1953First Ascent of Everest
1954Bannister Breaks 4 Minute Mile
1955Invention of the Hovercraft
1956The Suez Crisis
1957Jodrell Bank Tracks Sputnik I
1958The First Crossing of Antarctica
1959Isigonis' Mini Car
1960Macmillan's "Wind of Change" Speech
1961Year of the Beatles
1962Conservation of Coventry Cathedral
1963Signing of the Test Ban Treaty
1964Labour Party Wins General Election
1965Death of Sir Winston Churchill
1966The Hawker Siddeley Harrier
1967Launch of Ocean Liner Queen Elizabeth 2
1968End of Steam Era on British Rail
1969Investiture of the Prince of Wales
1970Discovery of North Sea Oil
1971Britain's Currency Goes Decimal
1972Britain Joins the Common Market
1973Wedding of Princess Anne & Capt. Mark Phillips
1974Miners Strike - 3 Day Week
1975Britain's First Referendum
1976Concorde Goes into Service
1977H.M Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee

Diameter45 mms.
Weight45 grams
Silver Content1.34 troy ounces
Total Silver Content34.8 troy ounces

New Elizabethan Age Silver Medallion Set

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