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2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion
2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion

Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion

Preston Guild 1902 Medallion
1902 Preston Guild Medallion

This is our page of medallions listed alphabetically. Some of these are shown for interest purposes only, others are for sale. We also buy medallions.


4th Anniversary of Opening of Ecumenical Council Gold Medallion Set
50th Anniversary of the Conquest of Everest Silver Medallion
100 Greatest Cars Silver Collection
100 Greatest Invention of Mankind in Silver
100 Greatest Masterpieces in Silver
100 Greatest Masterpieces in Silver Gilt
1969 900th Anniversary of Selby Abbey
125 Years of the Swiss Railroad German Silver Medallions
700th Anniversary of Houses of Parliament
1000 Years of British Monarchy
Alexander Graham Bell Medallion
Amicitia - Lions
Apollo 8 Copper & Britannia Silver Pair, by Memorial Coins & Medallions
Apollo 11 First Moon Landing by Man
Battle of Britain 25th Anniversary by Metalimport
Battle of Britain 25th Anniversary Gold TK&S
Battle of Hastings, Silver by John Pinches
Battle of Britain 50th Anniversary by the Royal Mint
Battle of Hastings Gold Medallions by John Pinches
Battle of Hastings 900th Anniversary 1066 - 1966, by Spink
Bicentenary of the American Revolution 1776 - 1976
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion - Erected 1896
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion - Dismantled 1928
Blackpool Pier Medallion
Blackpool Tower Medallion
Blair, Tony, 1997 Silver Medal New Labour New Britain
Boulton's Trafalgar Medal, Silver by John Pinches
Britannia Commemorative Society
Britannia Moneta on Royal Mint London Medallion
Burgers, 1974 Transvaal Numismatic Society, 1987 - 1974 Thomas Francois Burgers
Bus Token - Wyre Council
Christopher Columbus Gold Medallion
Churches of Britain
Churchill Centenary Gold Picture Medallion by F. Jaffé.
Churchill Centenary of Birth 1874 Prooflike Gold Medallion
Churchill 24 Silver Medallions for American Express by Royal Mint
Churchill Centenary Trust 24 Silver Medallions by John Pinches
Churchill - Winston's War Set of 25 Silver Medallions
Churchill by Edward Jones
Churchill by Gregory & Co
Churchill by John Pinches
Churchill by John Taylor
Churchill by Medallioneers
Churchill by Metalimport
Churchill by Seaby
Churchill by Spink, "Very Well, Alone"
Churchill by The Royal Mint
Churchill "This Was Their Finest Hour" Two Medallion Set by Christopher Ironside
Churchill by Toye Kenning & Spencer
Concorde 1976 Silver Ingot & First Day Cover, by Danbury Mint
Concorde's Last Flight Gold Medallion
Concorde's Last Flight Silver Medallion
Concorde's Last Scheduled Flight, 2003, in Silver
Confectioners Bakers & Allied Trades Exhibition Gold Medallion, 1931
De Beers Diamond Research Laboratory 1947 Silver Jubilee
Desert War 25th Anniversary, 1940 - 1965, by Metalimport
Deutsche Einheit Medallions
Deutschland Taler Medallions
Diamond Jubilee Medallion by Chard
Discovery in Silver
Dr. Albert Schweizer, 1875 - 1965, by Metalimport
Duke of Wellington & Britannia Gold Medallion
Dutch Medallions, Engravings by Johannes & Caspaares Luiken
ECB 1998 European Central Bank, Bimetallic Gold & Silver
Edward, Duke of Windsor Medallion
English Civil War 350th Anniversary
European Football Championship
European Parliament Gold Medallion by Monnaie de Paris
Falkland Islands Campaign
FDC Royal Mint Fleur De Coin Club Member
Flags of the United Nations
First International Bank 50 Ingot Collection
General Election by The Birmingham Mint
Geneva - Cultural Centre of Europe 1952 - Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
Genius of Leonardo da Vinci, by John Pinches
Genius of Michelangelo, by John Pinches
Genius of Rembrandt Gold Plated on Sterling Silver, by John Pinches
Genius of Rembrandt in Sterling Silver, by John Pinches
Globtik Tankers Commissioning S.T. Globtik
Great Western Railway 150th Anniversary 1835 - 1985
Hans Christian Andersen - The Fairy Tale Series Medallion Set
Hastings, Battle of, Silver by John Pinches
Historic Counties of England Medallion Set
History of the English Speaking Peoples
In Memory of the Good Old Days
International Labour Organisation (ILO), 1919 - 1969
Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales
Italy Total Eclipse of the Sun Medallion, 1961
John Pinches Medallions
José Marti
Kennedy Gold Medallion, 1963 by Metalimport
Kennedy Gold Medallion, The 35th President
Kennedy, Set of 3 Gold Medallions by Gregory & Co of London, 1963
Kings and Queens of England
Kings and Queens Collection
Laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize- Nelson Mandela Silver Medallion
Liverpool Jewellers - Promoli & Hausburg
Luiken (Luyken), Dutch Medallions, Engravings by Johannes & Caspaares
Lunar Landings, 1969, Apollo 11, Italian, Gold
Lusitania Medallion
Magna Carta
Margaret Thatcher, Una & The Lion
Margaret Thatcher - First Lady Prime Minister
Mexico Olympics Gold Medallion, 1968
Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain & The Sea
Montgomery, 1965, in Gold
National Transport Token
National Trust Centenary Gold Medallion
Nelson and the Foudroyant
Nelson's Foudroyant - Small Medallion
Nelson Mandela - Gold Medallion
Netherlands Queen Beatrix Medallion
1977 Silver Jubilee Set - The New Elizabethan Age
The Pistrucci Waterloo Silver Medal
Pope Paul VI by John Pinches
Presidential Seal & The White House
Preston Guild 1902 - White Metal
Preston Guild 1902 - Copper
Preston Guild 1902- Pair
Prime Ministers of Great Britain - 6 in Gold
Prince Charles' 1969 Investiture at Caernavon
Prince Charles' Investiture, 1969 Silver, Official Royal Mint
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Gold Medallion
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Queen's Birthday 1977, Silver Ingot, by Danbury Mint
QEIIs Maiden Voyage, 1969 in Palladium
Queens of the British Isles, by The Birmingham Mint
Queen Mother's 90th Birthday
Queen Victoria - Una & the Lion
Radiotelevisione Italiana, Uniface, Undated
Rhodesian Independence Anniversary Gold Medallion
RJ Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire Medallion
Royal Arms (Shields), for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, by YM
Royal Beasts, Gold Plated on Silver
Royal Mint's Celebration of Medallic Art
Royal Mint 1100 Years of Minting
Royal Palaces Silver Ingots
Royal Silver Wedding, Buckingham Palace Ingot, by Sandhill
Royal Sovereigns - 70 Monarchs
Royal Standards (Flags, Pennants), for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, by YM
Royal Wedding Charles & Diana
Royal Wedding Andrew and Sarah
Saudi Arabia, Centennial, 1899 - 1999
Schweitzer, Albert, 1875 - 1965, Silver by John Pinches
September 11th 2001 Silver Medallion Set
Shakespeare Medals - RSC - John Pinches Gold Plated Silver
Silver Jubilee Medallion in 9ct Gold, 1977
Silver Jubilee Palaces Medallion Set
Silver Jubilee Set - The New Elizabethan Age
Silver Jubilee The Queens Beasts Medallions Set
Silver Jubilee, 1977, Medallion in Silver, by Spink
Silver Jubilee, 1977, Pair in Silver, by Danbury Mint
Silver Jubilee Bronze Medallion
Sir Christopher Wren 250th Anniversary
South Africa Golden Jubilee, 1910 - 1960, in Gold
South African Historical Mint British Monarchs 959-1952 Silver Medallion Set
South African Presidential Inauguration Gold Medallion
South Africa Sons of England Society Gold Medal
Sovereigns of Europe
Stamp Replica Medallions Index
Stamp Replicas 1929 PUC in 22 Carat Gold
Stephenson's Locomotion, Gold Stamp Replica, 1825 Stockton & Darlington Railway
Switzerland 250 Franc, 1291 - 1991 700 Years of Confederation Gold Medallion
Sydney Opera House Official Opening Medallion
Tercentenary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle
Thatcher, Margaret, Una & The Lion
The Arms of H.R.H. The Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson Medallions
The Royal Family Cameo Collection
The Royal Wedding Medal -Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson
The Royal Wedding - H.R.H Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
The 2011 Royal Mint Silver Medal
The Twelve Adventures of Tintin
Titanic Medallion by the Royal Mint
Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games Gold Medallion
Tony Blair 1997 Silver Medal New Labour New Britain
Trafalgar Medal, Boulton's, Silver by John Pinches
Tudor Age, Gold Plated on Silver
United Nations, 1945 - 1970 UNO, 25th Anniversary of the U. N.
Universal Exhibition of London Medallion
Venezuela Native Chief Terepaima Gold Medallion
Victor Hugo Gold Medallion
Victoria - Honor Virtutis Praemium
Vietnam Veteran Medallions Collection
Vincent Van Gogh Medallion
Vintage Cars Collection
Waterloo Medal by Pistrucci, 1966 John Pinches
Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary - Gold
Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary - Silver
White House, The, & Presidential Seal
William Shakespeare 400th Anniversary "The Globe Theatre" Small Gold Medallion
William Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Large Gold Medallion
Windsor Castle Ingot, by Sandhill
World War I Death Plaque
Wyre Council Bus Token

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