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Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse of #76 Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse of #76 Queen Elizabeth II
Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty 1871 - 1936
Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty 1871 - 1936
Set of 4 Mountbatten Medallions Albums
Set of 4 Mountbatten Medallions Albums
First Page of Mountbatten Medallions
First Page of Mountbatten Medallions
Cover of Mountbatten Medallion Collection
Cover of Mountbatten Medallion Collection
Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain & The Sea
Struck by John Pinches in hallmarked sterling silver, and issued around 1974.
This is a collection of 100 silver medals or medallions, according to the introduction:-
This medallic collection illustrates many of the foremost maritime achievements of Great Britain. Chronologically, a start is made with a representation of the Tudor ship-of-war, the Great Harry. She was built by Henry VIII, who in 1546 established a naval administration which, under varying names, has had a continuing existence ever since.
The collections covers adventurous trafficking by merchant venturers throughout the world's oceans and seas; also exploration, expansion, war. It commemorates many of the most important measures which help to safeguard life at sea, invention, and many other activities pertaining to the business of a great maritime nation. It ends with such recent events as the launching of the Queen Elizabeth II, possibly the last of the giant liners which were once so splendid a feature of the Atlantic trade; the advent of the nuclear-powered submarine Dreadnought, and the single-handed circumnavigation of the globe by Sir Francis Chichester in his yacht Gypsy Moth IV. Although every side of the nautical theme is represented, there is considerable emphasis on later times, and thus on events in which living people have been actively concerned.
Among our many subjects are the earliest efforts to discover a north west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and thus to the riches of the Orient; the defeat of the Armada in 1588; the capture of Gibraltar in the 18th century; the victories of Nelson and other famous admirals. The collection covers the exploration and voyaging of Drake, Cook, Vancouver, and Fitzroy of the Beagle; progress in every direction of shipwrightry from Tudor times, through the daring experiments of Brunel in the Victorian era, to the latest advances and newest materials. The work of Trinity House, the Corporation of Lloyds and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has its rightful place, as has such an event as the foundation of the East India Company, which exerted such influence upon the expansion of British interests overseas.
Great Britain remains a leading maritime nation, whose work and example have enriched others besides herself. This medallic history enshrines in permanent form the great events of what is a fine and continuing story.

Each medallion is fitted in a plastic capsule, and the complete collection is housed in book format in four volumes.

Details of Medallions
The complete set of medallions is as follows:-
First Album
#Title Subtitle
1Henry Grace a DieuGreat Warship of Henry VIII
2The Great Seal of Trinity HouseGuardians of the Home Seas
3Sir Martin FrobisherThe North West Passage
4Sir Francis DrakeFirst Circumnavigation
5Sir Walter RaleighThe Founding of Virginia
6The First Ark RoyalFlagship Against the Armada
7Lord Howard of EffinghamDefeat of The Spanish Armada
8Sir Richard GrenvilleGlory of H.M.S. Revenge
9Davis BackstaffAid to Navigation
10The East India CompanyTrade with the East
11Sovereign of the SeasThe First Triple Decker
12Robert BlakeGeneral at Sea
13Samuel PepysThe Professional Navy
14The Hudson's Bay CompanyDevelopment of Canada
15The Royal ObservatoryNavigational Research
16H.M.S. Resolution in a GaleBattling Through Endurance All
17Battles of Barfleur and La HogueDestruction of French Fleet
18First Eddystone LighthouseThe Way to Safety
19Capture of GibraltarVictory by the Marines
20William FarmerThe Steering Compass
21Hadley and CunninghamQuadrant and Telescope
22Commodore George AnsonVoyage Around the World
23Capture of QuebecCombined Operations
24Admiral HawkeThe Royal George
25Captain CookNavigator Extraordinary

Second Album
#Title Subtitle
26Harrison's ChronometerAccurate Timekeeping at Sea
27Act of NavigationStatutory Registry of Merchant Ships
28Samuel EnderbyWhaling in the Pacific
29Colonising AustraliaFirst Convict Fleet
30George VancouverCharting Coast of America
31Earl HoweGlorious Victory June1794
32Battle of CamperdownDefeat of the Dutch
33Battle of the NileFerocious Sea Battle
34Matthew FlindersAustralian Coast Surveyed
35Admiral NelsonVictor of Trafalgar
36P.S. Comet 1812Europe's First Commercial Steamship
37HerefordshireBuilt at Bombay 1813
38AlgiersBombardment to Free the Slaves
39Sir Stamford RafflesDevelopment of Singapore
40Aaron ManbyFirst Iron Steamship
41The Great MigrationUnder Sail
42R.N.L.ISaving Life at Sea
43East IndiamenBritain's Finest Merchant Ships
44Charles DarwinVoyage of Discovery
45Cape BretonSteam Crosses North Atlantic
46Lloyds RegisterSafety of Ships at Sea
47P.S. HindostanEarly P. & O. Steamer
48P.S. Great WesternTrans-Atlantic Steam
49Grace DarlingHeroic Rescue at Sea
50Scottish MaidDesign Innovations

Third Album
#Title Subtitle
51P.S. BritanniaLiverpool to Halifax 1840
52The Navy Against the SlaversThe Suppression of the Slave Trade
53Sir James Clark Ross 1800 - 1862Discoveries in Antarctica
54S.S. Great BritainProduct of Brunel'a Genius
55North West PassageMcClintock Searches for Franklin
56Triumph of Screw PropulsionAdmiralty Trials 1843 - 1845
57S.S. John bowesNew Era in Bulk-Carrying
58The First Transatlantic CableLaid by H.M.S. Agememnon
59H.M.S. Warrior 1860First Iron-Built Armoured Warship
60Cutty SarkAge of the Great Clippers
61S.S. Oceanic 1870Pioneer Luxury Liner
62H.M.S. Captain 1869Turet Ship
63H.M.S. ChallengerThe Foundation of Oceanography
64H.M.S. DevastationPrototype Battleship 1871
65Samuel Plimsoll 1824 - 1898The Sailor's Friend
66Greenwich MeridianEstablished in 1884
67Tilbury DockOpened in 1886
68S.S. BakuinPioneer British Oil Tanker
69Sir Charles ParsonsTurbinia
70The "A" Class Submarine 1901Fisher's Toys
71H.M.S Dreadnought 1906First of a Great Class
72T.S. MauretaniaProud Holder of the Blue Riband
73Captain Scott 1868 - 1912Antarctic Expeditions
74Prince Louis of BattenburgThe Course Indicator
75Viscount Jellicoe of ScapaHero of Jutland

Fourth Album
#Title Subtitle
76H.M.S Queen ElizabethCompleted at Portsmouth 1915
77Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty1871 - 1936
78H.M.S. FuriousEvolution of the Aircraft Carrier
79Sir Ernest ShackletonVoyage of the James Caird 1916
80The Battle of Jutland1916
81The Raid on ZeebruggeGerman Submarine Base
82Sureender of the German FleetScapa Flow 1918
83M.S. Fullagar 1920First All-Welded Ship
84H.M.S. HermesAircraft Carrier
85T.S. Queen MaryQueen of the Atlantic 1936 - 1967
86T.S Viceroy of India 1929Pioneer Liner
87H.M.S. Ark RoyalLaunched 1937
88H.M.S. King George VA Battleship Laid Down in 1937
89Dunkirk 1940An Epic Rescue
90Attack on Taranto 1940A New Era in Sea Warfare
91The Battle of the Atlantic1939 - 1945
92The Pursuit of the BismarckBy H.M.S. Hood
93The Battle of Crete May 1941Loss of H.M.S. Kelly
94H.M.S. KellyCommanded by Lord Louis Mountbatten
95The Normandy LandingsD-Day 6 June 1944
96Guided Missile DestroyersH.M.S. Devonshire 1960
97Christopher Cockerel's ConceptThe Hovercraft 1959
98Sir Francis ChichesterSolo Cirumnavigator
99H.M.S. DreadnoughtCommissioned 1963
100T.S. Queen Elizabeth IIThe Last of Her Class?

Diameter44 mms.
Weight Each36.9 grams
Total Weight3,690 grams
Total Silver Content109.7 troy ounces

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