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Obverse of Rembrandt Medallion - The Flight into Egypt
Obverse of Rembrandt Medallion - The Flight into Egypt
We do not have a picture of the gold plated medallion so have shown a silver medallion. When we have a picture of the gold plated version we will replace it.
Reverse of Rembrandt Medallion - The Flight into Egypt
Reverse of Rembrandt Medallion - The Flight into Egypt
The Genius of Rembrandt - Gold Plated on Sterling Silver
Struck by John Pinches in gold plated hallmarked sterling silver, and issued around 1974.
This is a collection of 50 silver medallions,. Each medal features a piece of art from the hand of Rembrandt, and each medallion is in itself a miniature masterpiece of the engraver's art in translating the original into a medallion.

The complete collection is housed in an impressive wooden box with pull - out trays. The medallions are in mint condition.

Details of Medallions
The complete set of medallions is as follows:-
#Title Subtitle
1The Bridal Couple (The Jewish Bride)c. 1667
2The Apostle Peter Denying Christ1660
3Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph1656
4The Pridigal Son in the Tavernc. 1635
5Self Portraitc. 1659/60
6Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee1633
7Two Scholars Disputing1628
8The Prophetess Hannah1631
9Christ Before Pilate1635
10Boy in Fanciful Dressc. 1654
11The Noble Slav1632
12The Good Samaritan1633
13The Sampling Officials of the Draper' Guild (The Syndies)1662
14The Conspiracy of the Batavians Under Claudius Civilusc. 1661
15The Raising of the Cross1632/33
16Sophonisba Receiving the Poisoned Cup1634
17The Flight into Egypt1627
18Tobit and Anna with the Kid1626
19The Apostle Paul in Prison1627
20Christ Driving the Money - Changers out of the Temple1635
21Portrait of Jan Six1647
23Portrait of Nicolaes Ruts1631
24The Return of the Prodigal Son1636
25Portrait of Nicolaes Van Bambeeck, Husband of Agatha Bas1641
26A Woman Bathing in a Stream. (Hendrickje Stoffels)1655
27The Incredulity of Apostle Thomas1634
28The Visitation1640
29Jacob Wrestling with the Angelc. 1660 - 1661
30Portrait de Saskiac. 1633 - 1634
31Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem1630
32The Descent from the Crossc. 1633
33The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Tulp1632
34Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer1653
35The Polish Rider1655
36Portrait of Cornelius Claes Anslo, Mennonite Preacher1641
37The Shipbuilder and His Wife1633
38The Night Watch1642
39Saint Jerome Reading1634
40Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels1657
41Self Portrait1640
42Portrait of Jan Hytenbogaert Remonstrant Preacher1635
43The Three Trees1643
44The Presentation in the Templec. 1628
45The Wedding Feast of Samson1638
46Christ Healing the Sick (The Hundred Guilder Print)c. 1649
47Rembrandt's Son Titus at his Desk1655
48Bathsheba with King David's Letter1654
49The Money Changer1627
50Portrait of Agatha Bas, Wife of Nicolaes Van Bambeeck1641

Diameter44 mms.
Weight Each40.25 grams
Total Weight2,415 grams
Total Silver Content59.85 troy ounces

Genius Of Rembrandt - Gold Plated on Sterling Silver

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