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Obverse of Victoria Medallion
Reverse of Victoria Medallion
Victoria Medallion
This simple medallion may have been intended as a sixpence token, perhaps a gaming token, from the VI in the centre of its reverse side.
It is struck in copper and weighs xx grams.

Young head of Victoria, facing left, with her hair in her familiar "bun", with two ribbons. The engraving work is quite crude.

The reverse has a large VI in its centre, presumably denoting it as a sixpence token or gaming counter. The three word inscription around the edge is unusual in that each word is shown in brackets.

Diameter XX mms.
Weight XXX grams.

Honor Virtutis Praemium
This is a common motto meaning honour is the reward of virtue. It appears to have been adopted by many organisations, including one with a very local Blackpool connection.

Arnold School Motto
Honor Virtutis Praemium happen to be the motto of Arnold School Blackpool. This excellent local school is situated a few hundred metres away from our office on the opposite side of Lytham Road.

The Chard Medallion Collection
This page is published as part of a small collection of interesting medallions acquired in the course of our coin business.
Many medallions are of local historical interest, others of wider interest. Many are beautiful examples of medallic art.
Most are not primarily for sale. We hope they will add to your interest and enjoyment of our site. the Lowest Possible Price

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