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2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion
2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion

Nelson on the Obverse of Foudroyant Medallion
Nelson on the Obverse of Foudroyant Medallion

This is our page of medallions, in miscellaneous alloys. Gold, silver, copper, and platinum medallions are shown on their own pages. Some of these are shown for interest purposes only, others are for sale. We also buy medallions.

By DateAlphabetical
1668 Replica Token
1757 Breslau Medallion
1806 Napoleon Brandenberg Medallion
1825 Hampshire Friendly Society
1831 French Government Health Medal
1837 To Hanover Token
1842 Vatican Medallion
1866 - 1918 Medallion Commemorating Germany
1893 Birkenhead Photographic Association
1894 Manchester Ship Canal Medallion
1894-95 Systematic Pathology Medallion, Alexander Fenton
1902 Coronation Medallion - Blackpool
1902 Coronation Medallion - Kettering
1908 Bronze Medallion, Johannes Dunant
1902 Preston Guild - White Metal
1909 York Historic Pageant
1911 Coronation Medallion
1914 World War One Medallion
1915 Crown Love Token
1915 Lusitania Medallion
1916 Bronze Medallion of Navy Victories
1921 Long Service Medal London, Midlands and Scottish Railways
1928 Cité de Carcassonne Medallion
1935 Medallion Commemorating the Return of Saar to Germany
1937 Medallion, Commemorating the Old Mint Building
1937 Coronation Medallion of Edward VIII
1941 - 45 Great Patriotic War Medallion
1947 Royal Visit to South Africa
1965 Rhodesia Independence Anniversary Silver Medallion Set
1966 Ludwig Erhard Silver Medallion
1968 RFK Gold Medallion
1970 SS Great Britain
1972 The 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tutankhamun in Bronze
1974 Churchill Centenary Bronze medallion set of Four by Toye, Kenning and Spencer
1986 Queen Elizabeth II 60th Birthday Gold Medallion
1987 Liberty Silver Medallion
1989 45th Anniversary of Operation Medallion
1989 Gorbachev/Germany Silver Medallion
1997 Salzburg Medallion
2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion by Chard
2007 Fort Knox Anniversary Medallion
2012 Diamond Jubilee Medallion by Chard
Bastille Medallion Commemorative
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion - Dismantled 1928
Blackpool Pier Medallion
Blackpool Tower Medallion
Britannia Moneta on Royal Mint London Medallion
Bus Token - Wyre Council
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Niagra Falls Medallion
'Carolus III' White Metal Medallion
Catherine II Bronze Medallion
Chinese Lunar Medallions
Churchill Centenary Bronze medallion set of Four by Toye, Kenning and Spencer 1974
Edward III Imitation Florin Medallion
Elephant Silver Round
Good vs Evil Bronze Medallion
Gothic Crown 'Pattern'
In Memory of the Good Old Days
John Pinches Medallions
Las Vegas Shipwreck Medallion
Liverpool Jewellers - Promoli & Hausburg
Moose Silver Round
Mysterious Gold Medallion
National Transport Token
Royal Mint's Celebration of Medallic Art
The 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tutankhamun in Bronze
The Arms of H.R.H. The Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson Medallions
The Royal Wedding - H.R.H Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
Vincent Van Gogh Medallion
William Webster, Coin, Medal and Antique Dealer
World War I Death Plaque
Wyre Council Bus Token

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