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Here at Chard, we try to give accurate factual advice, and to show our product offers in clear unambiguous terms.
We aim to describe our products fully, without exaggeration. We believe that a well informed person is more likely to become and remain a Chard customer.

One of the tests we apply when reviewing a new piece of text on our web pages is "Is it idiot-proof?"
We aim to make every part of our site clear and simple, particularly the important parts such as product specification and prices.
We don't always succeed, but it seems to us that there are many companies who try to take advantage of their customers trust or lack of knowledge, and set out to deliberately mislead them with wording which could simply be careless, but is more likely to be carefully contrived to conceal and confuse.

The Purpose of This Page
We have created this page partly because we get annoyed and frustrated by competitors who are less than honest in their advertising. We believe it is unfair to us, to their customers, and to the general public.
We rarely criticise most of our competitors, over 90% of the questionable adverts we notice come from less than 10% of our competitors.
The links on this page contain reproductions of adverts by some of our competitors for coins or jewellery, and which we believe are misleading. We have generally removed the names and logos of the companies to spare their embarrassment and avoid legal problems, although we believe full disclosure would be more than justified on public interest grounds.
By drawing your attention to these dubious practices, we hope to make you aware of them, so that you can apply your own judgement about them and the companies from which they emanate.

Misleading & Ambiguous Advertisements
The following links contain reproductions of dubious adverts from various sources include the internet and the press.
We have added our own comments on why we feel the adverts to be misleading.

2002 Australian Kangaroo Nugget
by Westminster Collections

Gold Sovereign Coins from £35
by the Royal Mint!

Millennium Krugerrands £150
by Westminster Collections

Changing Face of Britain's Coinage National Emblems Edition
An unbelievably naff coin set offering by The London Mint Office

Buyers Beware! - Of Bogus Bullion Bars
Supposed precious metal dealers and Ebay sellers are through the internet selling fake precious metal bars and coins in order to make considerable profit from novice collectors.

If you have any comments to add, or other misleading adverts to tell us about, please let us know. the Highest Possible Price

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