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We Try To Keep It Simple
We try to keep our web site design and navigation simple to make it easy for visitors to find their way around.
Our site is quite large, with over 1000 pages.
Just to make sure, we offer the following tips:-

  1. Is there a column of 6 buttons on the left of the page?
    They read:-
    Product Catalogue
    About Us
    Special Offers
    Contact Us

    If not, you may find our site difficult to navigate. To make life easier, click the home button at the top right of this page. It will reload the front page of our site.

  2. Yes?
    If you can see our navigation buttons, just use them to jump to different sections of our site.
    Some of the links contain many other links, for example the "Information" Page contains the following links:-
    Frequently Asked Coin Questions, and
    Frequently Asked Jewellery Questions
    Both of which contain many more linked pages.

    The "Products" page contains links to 10 product categories, Coins, Rings, Gold Jewellery, etc.

Please try to find the information you want before contacting us.
Over 90% of the questions we get asked are already answered somewhere on our site.
For example, if you wish to know about British Two Pound Coins, there are 2 ways to get to the information you want. Either:-
Click "Information"... "Frequently Asked Coin Questions"... "Two Pound Coins Necklet Rumour"
"Click Product Catalogue"... "Coins Index"..."Two Pound Pieces"...

We hope you will enjoy using our site, and the information we have provided!

...the Easy Way

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