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New or Secondhand Jewellery?
Some people will only buy second-hand jewellery, others only new. Who is right, and why?

Second-Hand Bargains
Logically, you would expect that second-hand jewellery would be cheaper than new, and mostly this will be true. However it would be rather stupid to assume that, just because something is second-hand, it must be cheaper, or a better deal, as some people blindly do. We have seen examples of people paying more for secondhand jewellery than they could have bought it for new, albeit at a discount price, simply because they had simply assumed that because they were buying it privately, and it was secondhand, then it must be a bargain. Unfortunately things just aren't that simple. On this page, we discuss some points to bear in mind which may help you to decide whether to buy new or secondhand.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

More Questions
We could probably add more questions to this list, and you can probably think of others yourself. Most of them are fairly obvious, commonsense, questions.

New Only!
There are a number of circumstances where most people would only buy new, and these include engagement rings and wedding rings. While there are people who would find a secondhand ring acceptable, most fiancées and brides would not. This might be different for a fine quality antique ring, but most women would not want a ring which was tainted by the possibility that it was unlucky for its previous owner, or the thought that she was not the first owner. For second-time brides, this sentiment may be different.
These new-only circumstances also help to explain why you should not be surprised to lose a high percentage of the original price if selling a ring.

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