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Obverse of New Zealand 2000 Proof Silver Ten Dollars
Obverse of New Zealand 1978 1 Dollar Parliment Silver Coin


Reverse of New Zealand 2000 Proof Silver Ten Dollars
Reverse of New Zealand 1978 1 Dollar Parliment Silver Coin

New Zealand Coin Sets

New Zealand has only had its own coinage since 1933, before that date, it used British coins.
In 1967 New Zealand changed over to decimal currency, and about the same time started to issue special coins for collectors, in the form of proof sets, dollars, and uncirculated sets. Many of these feature attractive designs.
Each of the following sets, to 1989, contains a proof silver dollar, with an individual design according to the year, and the other six denominations each with its regular definitive design, which we describe below.
In 1990, a new small size two dollar coin was introduced, the version included in the proof set for that year is struck in silver, and a smaller size one dollar coin was introduced, the version included in the proof set is also in silver. A new twenty cent design was also introduced in this year.
In 1991, another new coin was introduced, a full crown-sized five dollar silver commemorative coin.
In 1995, a two-coloured bi-metallic fifty cent coin was produced, but from 1996, the design reverted to the definitive version.
To 1989, the proof set packaging is a plastic case inside a vinyl wallet. From 1990, it is upgraded to a larger plastic case, usually within a real leather outer case, similar to British de-luxe proof set packaging.

50 Cents31.750Cupro-nickelThe bark "Endeavour" sailing down the west coast of North Island
20 Cents28.575Cupro-nickelA kiwi bird, facing right, with fronds of a New Zealand tree fern in lower relief background. Named by the Maoris from its short shrill whistle, this flightless bird of nocturnal habits has rudimentary wings, no tail, and nostrils at the end of the bill. The kiwi, like the fern leaf is often used as a national emblem.
10 Cents23.622Cupro-nickelA Maori carved head under the figure 10 with Maori rafter pattern around. One of the earliest known forms of primitive carving, this head is based on one appearing on a "paepae" or threshold board of an early "pataka" or Maori store house.
5 Cents19.431Cupro-nickelA tuatara curled on a coastal rock on which is superimposed the figure 5. This native lizard is the oldest of all living reptiles and grows to be 0.6 metres in length. Its ancestors can be traced back 180 million years. An act of Parliament places the tuatara under special protection to prevent its extinction.
2 Cents21.082BronzeTwo golden kowhai blossoms and leaves around the figure 2. The kowhai is often considered the national floral emblem. The tree sometimes reaches a height of 13 metres and dense masses of blooms appear in early spring.
1 Cent17.526BronzeA small fern leaf enclosing the figure 1. There are more than 160 named varieties of this most distinctive form of New Zealand's vegetation.

Proof Set Stock & Prices
DateQtyFromMintageDescriptionAvailabilityPrice £Price $
19787Silver Dollar15,00025th Anniversary Coronation & ParliamentYes£15$25
19797Silver Dollar16,000Coat of Arms & FernYes£15$25
19807Silver Dollar17,000FantailYes£15$25
19817Silver Dollar18,000Royal Visit, Oak & KauriYes£15$25
19827Silver Dollar18,000Takahe BirdYes£15$25
19837Silver Dollar18,00050 Years of NZ CoinageAsk£15$25
19847Silver Dollar15,000Chatham Island Black RobinYes£15$25
19857Silver Dollar11,500Black StiltAsk£15$25
19867Silver Dollar10,000Kakapo BirdAsk£20$30
19877Silver Dollar10,000National Parks CentennialAsk£20$30
19887Silver Dollar9,000Yellow Eyed PenguinAsk£30$50
19895Silver Dollar8,50014th Commonwealth GamesAsk£23$35
19906Two Dollars Silver10,000Small $2 Great Egret & $1 Kiwi, New 20 CentAsk£45$70
19917Silver 5 Dollars12,000Rugby World CupAsk£30$50
19927Silver 5 Dollars9,00025 Years NZ Decimal CurrencyAsk£30$50
19936Silver 2 Dollars10,000Kotare - Sacred KingfisherAsk£30$50
19946Aluminium Bronze 2 Dollars10,000New Bimetallic 50 CentsAsk£25$40
19957Silver 5 Dollars4,000Tui - "Parson" BirdAsk£30$50
19967Silver 5 Dollars Kaka NZ Bush ParrotAsk£30$50
19977Silver 5 Dollars2,500Tieke - SaddlebackAsk£30$50
19987Silver 5 Dollars2,000Toroa - Royal AlbatrossAsk£30$50
19997Silver 5 Dollars2,000Ruru - "Morepork" NZ OwlAsk£30$50
20017Silver 5 Dollars2,000Keruru - Fruit PigeonAsk£55$80
20086Silver 5 Dollars3,000Hamilton's FrogAsk£55$80

Diam = Diameter in millimetres.
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

New Zealand Proof Silver Dollars

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