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Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings

2000 Sydney Olympic Logo & Rings on Reverse of Australian $100 Gold Proof Coin
Reverse of 1994 Tuvalu $20 for the 1996 Olympic Games

Olympic Coins
This is our index page of Olympic coins on our site.

1908 London - 2008 Centenary Two Pounds
1948 St. Moritz Winter Olympics Gold Medal
1952 Helsinki, Finland
1964 Tokyo, Japan
1968 Mexico City
1972 Munich, Germany
1976 Montreal, Canada
1976 Innsbruck, Austria Winter Olympics
1980 Moscow Olympics Silver Coins
1980 Moscow Olympics Platinum coins
1984 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Winter Olympics
1984 Los Angeles, USA
1988 Calgary, Canada Winter Olympics
1988 Seoul, South Korea
1992 Barcelona, Spain
1992 Albertville, USA Winter Olympics
1996 Atlanta, USA
2000 Sydney, Australia
2002 Salt Lake City Utah
2004 Athens, Greece
2006 Torino, Italy Winter Olympics
2008 Beijing, China
2010 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2012 London, England
2014 Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2009 Design Competition for 2012 London Olympics
The Royal Mint has announced a public design competition, to create 29 designs for 50 pence coins, for the 30th Olympics Games London 2012.
We guess that the new coin designs will start appearing on coins dated 2009, and will continue through 2010, and 2011, to 2012 itself.
This holds the possibility that the British public will catch coin fever in a similar way to the US States Quarters programme, which ran over 10 years with 5 coins per year making a total of 50 designs.

World Proof Silver Crowns - Various Countries
List of Olympiads with Dates and Cities

Olympic Gold Coins
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