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Credit Card Orders - International
We accept payment by cheque, and we don't normally accept credit cards, but to make things easier for our international customers, we make an exception. Please print this order form, complete it and post it to us.
We will charge your card in £ sterling, but it will show on your statement after conversion by your credit card company at the current rate. In the UK we do not accept credit cards as we sell our jewellery and coins at very competitive prices.
If you wish to buy gold bullion coins or bars, please pay by cheque or bank transfer, similarly for trade and volume orders, although we will accept a deposit by credit card.

Please supply the following:-.
QuantityDescriptionPrice EachTotal
Postage Packing & Handling - (Leave blank if uncertain)  
Credit Card Surcharge @ 3%  
Currency£ SterlingTotal 

Please mail to:- (Must be same as credit card billing address)
Street Address
Town / City
County / State
Postcode / Zipcode
E-mail address for advice of despatch (optional)

I enclose my cheque in payment, or...
Please charge my credit card:-
Card Type - MasterCard - Visa
Expiry Date
Security Number (last 3 digits on reverse of card)
Issue Number or any Other Details
Name exactly as shown on card
The above information is correct.
Please also give you own address if it is different from the mailing address. the Lowest Possible Price

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