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Oval Blue Diamond
Oval Blue Diamond

The Oval
Sounds more like a cricket ground than a diamond shape!
The oval shaped diamond is a variation of the round brilliant cut. It could be considered as a round brilliant cut which has been squeezed so that it is narrower on one direction and longer in the other. The modern round brilliant cut is generally the best cut for diamonds, and justly remains the most popular. Modified brilliant cuts, such as the oval shape can at best approach the brilliance and sparkle of a perfect round brilliant cut, but if they are badly proportioned, it is also easy for them to lose brilliance. In addition, oval shapes can be too fat, too thin, or just right, although personal preference may colour an individual's view of the precise outline.

Weight Retention
The most usual reason for a diamond cutter to fashion a fancy shape rather than a circular one, is to retain the maximum weight. If the cutter owns a rough stone which will retain much more weight as an oval shape than as a round, only then he is likely to choose the oval shape. We have already stated that oval shapes are not as brilliant as round diamonds of the same quality. We would advise all our viewers to read our round brilliant cut page first, and perhaps some of our other pages about cut and proportion. Even the best proportioned oval shape will not be quite as sparkly as the best round brilliant. Logically and mathematically, a non-round diamond cannot be perfectly proportioned. Badly proportioned ovals will look worse than a correspondingly badly proportioned round stone.

Bow Tie Effect
Oval, in common with pear shaped and marquise shaped, diamonds often suffer from the "bow-tie" effect. Although diamond cutters try hard to avoid or minimise this effect, it is almost impossible to avoid completely. It manifests itself as a dark area, or two areas, across the middle of the width of the diamond which looks just like a black or darkly coloured bow tie, hence the name. Fortunately, this tends not to be as great a problem with ovals as with pears and marquises.
Needless to say, when acquiring a oval shape diamond, if you have a choice, try to find one without too much of a bow tie.

The price per carat of fancy shaped diamonds is almost always less than the price for similar quality round brilliant cuts, although some jewellers will try to charge more if they can get away with it! In fairness, though we should add that because of the greater variability of oval shapes compared with rounds, it is more difficult to sort and source matching pairs, sets or "layouts" of oval shapes. This sorting and sorting is more labour intensive, and does add to the cost of the diamonds. It still remains true that larger, better quality individual oval shaped diamonds should normally cost about 10 to 20% below the cost of equivalent quality round brilliants.

Favourite Shape
If your favourite shape of diamond is a oval shape, please don't allow our comments to deter you from your dream diamond, we are simply trying to make you aware of the differences. Also the oval shaped outline can look better than a circular one as a centre stone of a three stone diamond ring. Another good use for oval shapes is as shoulder stones for a major centre stone, or in a cluster around a larger diamond.

What No Vanilla?
When we came to create this page, our best two shape diamond photograph was of an intensely coloured, as you can see. We will try to add a white (colourless) oval shape diamond image when we get time.

Coloured Diamonds
You cannot help but notice that our photographs are of fancy blue diamond. Because the primary attraction is its attractive blue colour, rather than its brilliance, the fact that it is emerald cut may have enhanced rather than detracted from its beauty. Similar considerations would apply to most fancy coloured diamonds.

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