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Oil Painting by Trevor Haddon - A Backstreet in an Italian Village
Fine Antique Oil Paintings
We have a number of fine quality oil paintings for sale, mostly by recognised artists.
These are mostly hung in our showroom, although a few are stored elsewhere.
Photographs will follow soon.

Title - DescriptionArtistSizePrice £Price $
Village SceneJ. Masse £Ask$Ask
LandscapeRoche £1250$2000
Farmyard Watercolour SceneWyllie £750$1250
SeascapeBeveridge £700$1150
Glen SligaghanWilson £700$1150
Still LifeE. Walker £2500$4000
Catching the ButterflyA.S. £Ask$Ask
A Backstreet in an Italian VillageT. Haddon £2250$3750
Venetian WaterfrontT. Haddon £2250$3750
Sheep in Highland LandscapeThomas Sidney Cooper £1250$2000
At The Well, Italian Village SceneT. Haddon £3000$5000
Children by a Cottage at Moss SideH.B. Scott £1250$2000
Landscape with Lady and DogAlfred De Breanski £3250$5250
Ducks on a PondWilfred S. Pettitt £2500$4000
Lake Maggiore WatercolourE Wake Cook £5500$9000
An Odalisque with CherubsH. Zatzka £6250$10,000
Field WorkersJ. Knight £3000$5000

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