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Cultured Pearl Necklet with Ruby and Diamond Clasp
Cultured Pearl Necklet with Ruby and Diamond Clasp

Pearls are possibly the oldest gemstone known to man. Primitive man may have discovered pearls while searching for food in the form of oysters. Most people know that pearls are produced by oysters, but other animals also produce pearls.

Natural Pearls
Most natural pearls are produced by a species of saltwater oyster called Pinctada. The finest natural pearls are known as Oriental pearls, and are found almost exclusively in the Persian Gulf where pearl fishing has existed for over two thousand years, since about 300 BC. Other natural pearls are found in the Gulf of Manaar between Sri Lanka and India, this fishery has been known for about 2,500 years, but is hardly worked nowadays as it is no longer productive. There is also a minor source in the Red Sea.

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Pink Pearl Necklace£2,950$Ask
5652Black & White Pearl Necklace£395$Ask
5329Pearl Necklace with Ruby & Diamond Clasp£881$Ask
5381Gold & Pearl Necklace£235$Ask

Quality and Value in Pearls
The value of pearls depend on several factors: size, colour, surface, regularity of shape, lustre, and quality of matching. In recent years, the pearl producers have over-produced, creating a buyers market, with excellent value available in some qualities.
The quality and price of freshwater pearls vary enormously, but often provide excellent value. Most low-priced freshwater pearls are very irregular in shape, somewhat like a shrivelled grain of rice, but still attractive.

Pearl Care
It is best to avoid spraying perfume onto pearls as it can ruin their lustre and the stringing. Put your pearls on after applying your perfume.

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