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Enhanced Red Pear Shaped Diamond
Enhanced Red Pear Shaped Diamond

Red Coloured Diamonds

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We have just bought (May 2007) this gorgeous enhanced or treated red diamond.

Red Diamonds
Only a very few red diamonds are ever found, and this is the second treated red diamond we have seen. It is the most vivid red we have ever seen. We have yet to decide what we are going to do with this stone, we may mount it in a solitaire, or perhaps a pendant.

Shades of Red
Any deeply coloured natural red diamond would be extremely rare and valuable, think £millions. Because they are so rare, we have not seen enough to be able to describe their typical colours, however we can state that there will be faintly red stones, and also stones with impure red colouration, which will be less attractive, and therefore less expensive than any vivid pure red stones.

This particular diamond is a gorgeous vivid red, but does look different colours dependant on the light, it varies between a deep red and a burnt orange. Either way, we love it and think that at the price it is actually a bargain, compared to what a natural one this colour would cost.

This stone is particulraly large for a coloured diamond at 1.50ct, if you are not sure what the carat weight means, the dimensions of this stone are 9.3mm x 6.7mm x 3.6mm.

Price and Availability
WeightShapeColourClarityCertCommentsAvailabilityPrice £Price $
1.50Pear ShapedRed  EnhancedYes£22,030$Ask

Key to Table
Weight = Weight in carats.
Shape = Shape and cut.
Colour = Colour, usually on GIA scale.
Clarity = Clarity, usually on GIA scale.
Cert = Laboratory issuing the certificate.
Price = Total price in £ pounds sterling, including VAT.

Fashion Leaders & Independent Spirits
Fancy coloured diamonds will only currently appeal to fashion leaders, and not to the sheeplike followers. They will also appeal to those who know their own minds and are capable of thinking for themselves. One day, maybe, coloured diamonds will become "fashionable", and then everybody and his dog will want one. By that time, we at Chard will have moved on as usual. When we say fashionable we really mean "as defined by the media", in other words hyped. It's your choice whether to be a slave or a free spirit.

Pink Diamonds

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
We recently sold the last of a small parcel of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Each was about half a carat, two out of the four sold to a retail jeweller, the other two we sold direct to their new owners. The last one was a striking orange colour.

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More to follow soon the Lowest Possible Price

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