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Round 5mm Peridot
5mm Round Peridot

Round 5mm Peridot
6x4mm Octagon Peridot


Peridot is a bright yellow green or golden green variety of olivine. It was originally found on Egypt's St. John's Island once known as Topazios, in the Red Sea, which is now known as Zeberget. It is also found in Burma, Sri Lanka, USA and Norway.
Because there hardness is lower than 7, they are not ideal for use in rings, and should be treated with reasonable care.

Bright golden green, but can vary to darker green or greenish yellow. Peridot has also been known as Chrysolite, although this is an old name which was applied fairly indiscriminately to any yellow and greenish yellow stones. It was also once incorrectly called topaz. There are also brown peridots. Since1952 many stones believed to be brown peridots have been found to be a different mineral called Sinhalite.

Technical Information
Chemical Composition and NameMagnesium Iron Silicate (MgFe)2SiO4*
Hardness6.5 to 7
Refractive Index1.650 - 1.688 to 1.668 - 1.706
Optic SignPositive
Optical CharacterBiaxial
Specific Gravity3.34

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* The iron and magnesium are interchangeable, so that peridot can vary from Mg2SiO4 known as Forsterite, to Fe2SiO4 known as Fayalite. the Lowest Possible Price

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