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The Current British Coinage System - Photo Gallery
We receive many questions about the current British coinage system, so many that we could not possibly attempt to answer them all personally. However by popular request, we present a photo gallery of the current coinage in the United Kingdom. See also our Current British Coinage System page.

Two Pound

The current two pound is bi-metallic and was introduced in 1997. Special designs are produced in some years. Please see our Two Pound Coin Index for more information.
Obverse of Two Pound Coin Obverse of Two Pound Coin
One Pound

The current type of pound coin, made of nickel brass, was introduced in 1983, and has replaced the pound note. Different reverse designs are produced in five year cycles. The first of each cycle is a definitive or British issue, followed by Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland then England.
Obverse of One Pound Coin Reverse of One Pound Coin
Fifty Pence

The fifty pence coin was introduced in 1969 ahead of decimalisation in 1971. There have been a number of different special designs, as well as changes to the normal design.
Obverse of Fifty Pence Reverse of Ffity Pence
Twenty Pence

The twenty pence was introduced in 1982, and was never new even when it was new! In 1982 the word "new" was dropped from the decimal coinage.
Obverse of Twenty Pence Reverse of Twenty Pence
Ten Pence

The ten pence was one of the first decimal coins to be issued, the first being in 1968, as the ten pence was a direct replacement of the old two shilling piece.
Obverse of Ten Pence Reverse of Ten Pence
Five Pence

The five pence was the natural successor to the shilling, and was one of the first decimal coins to be issued in 1968.
Obverse of Five Pence Reverse of Five Pence
Two Pence

The twopence was a new coin value when introduced with decimalisation in 1971, although coins with a value of two pence had been issued as early as 1660 for Charles II, in fact twopences have been struck every year for the Maundy ceremony.
Obverse of Two Pence Reverse of Two Pence
One Penny

Although the penny is one of Britain's oldest coin denominations, the decimal penny differed from the pre-decimal penny by being valued at 100 to the pound instead of 240.
Obverse of One Penny Reverse of 1997 Penny

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