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Large Oval Ruby
Large Oval Ruby

Pigeons' Blood Rubies
The best and most valuable colour for rubies is often said to be the colour of freshly killed young pigeon's blood. We are not sure who first noticed this, but it costs us a fortune in pigeons, and we have to work very quickly when sorting rubies, before the colour of the blood darkens and we have to kill another pigeon. Fortunately, there is a particularly good supply of pigeons in Blackpool!

Almost as important as the actual colour or hue of any gemstone is its brilliance. This can be affected by any inclusions in the stone. It if best for the stone to have a high degree of optical transparency. The proportions of any gemstone are important, this is quite a well known fact about diamonds, but it is almost as important for coloured gemstones also.

Personal Preference
Whatever colour happens to be the most popular or most expensive, does not alter our general advice to select gemstones which appeal to you personally. If the sapphire you like best is only half the price of another, trust your own judgment, go for the stone you prefer.

Love or Money
Of course, most of the time you will find that you like the most expensive stones best, in which case you may need to balance your budget against your emotions, but because jewellery is an infrequent purchase, we believe it is better to err on the generous side. Out of two stones competing for your attention, you will almost always feel happier in the long term when you buy the one you like best, even if initially there is a little anxiety or pain about parting with the cash!

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