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Pink and White Diamond Three Stone Ring
Pink and White Diamond Three Stone Ring

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Pink Diamond

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New Pink Diamonds Website
Because of the great interest shown in pink diamonds, we have now created a separate website exclusively for them. Naturally it's called Pink Diamonds, and it's at
Please use the new site, we no longer update this page, although there are some pink diamond rings and other jewellery listed on this site, under their appropriate styles.

Pink Diamonds
Judging from the number of enquiries we get for pink diamonds, some pop star must have recently been reported as having acquired a pink diamond. If you would like a natural fancy intense coloured pink diamond of, say, one carat, be prepared to pay about a million pounds for it! We also get asked about small pink stones, from about 3 to 10 points, and although we are constantly on the lookout for them, we feel they may look rather insignificant at this size. They might be OK as shoulder stones for a large solitaire.

Shades of Pink
Any deeply coloured pink diamond would be extremely rare and valuable, think £millions. Most pink diamonds are only faintly pink. If they are very small, the pink colouration may be so light as to be almost unnoticeable. With larger stones, it is easier to see the colour, but the larger the stone, the rarer and more expensive. Even so the colouration of most pink diamonds remains subtle rather than distinct.

For prices and availabilty of pink diamonds both mounted and unmounted please see our website
Fancy coloured diamonds will only currently appeal to fashion leaders, and not to the sheeplike followers. They will also appeal to those who know their own minds and are capable of thinking for themselves. One day, maybe, coloured diamonds will become "fashionable", and then everybody and his dog will want one. By that time, we at Chard will have moved on as usual. When we say fashionable we really mean "as defined by the media", in other words hyped. It's your choice whether to be a slave or a free spirit.

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
We recently sold the last of a small parcel of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Each was about half a carat, two out of the four sold to a retail jeweller, the other two we sold direct to their new owners. The last one was a striking orange colour.

For unmounted diamonds, please see our Unmounted Diamonds page.

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

More to follow soon.

Pink Diamonds Website
Again, we will repeat our advice to look at our new website

Pink Panther Diamond
Remember Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in "The Pink Panther"? The Pink Panther was the name of a fabulously valuable diamond which the jewel thief of the same name was trying to steal.

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