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Bi-coloured Amethyst Citrine
Plasma is Related to Amethyst and Citrine
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Plasma is a dull green variety of chalcedony which is cryptocrystalline quartz. Its green colour is due to the presence of masses of chlorite. It is usually cut en cabochon, or into beads. It is often quite coarse and therefore is closely related to jasper, another group of quartz.
Plasma often contains yellow or white spots. When it contains red spots of jasper it is known as bloodstone or heliotrope.

Technical Details
Chemical Composition and NameSiO2 - Silicon Dioxide

Specific Gravity
2.65 - 2.66
Refractive Index (R.I.)1.543 - 1.552 to 1.545 - 1.554
Optic SignPositive
Optical CharacterUniaxial

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