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Typically Platinum is alloyed with copper, iridium, palladium, rhodium, osmium or titanium.

Platinum has often been described as the purest, or the most precious metal. Both these claims are inaccurate. The "purest" claim was based on the fact that the highest purity precious metal generally recognised is sterling silver, at 925 parts per thousand (22 carat gold is 916 parts per thousand), but this ignores the fact that Britannia silver, 958 parts per thousand, has been a recognised standard in Britain since 1796.
The price of pure Platinum is generally higher than gold, but not always, therefore the claim that Platinum is the most precious metal is also a typical marketing exaggeration, besides rhodium is frequently double the price of Platinum. As noted previously, the Spanish conquerors of Latin America considered it a worthless nuisance.

Because of the high melting point, and the other difficulties in extraction and refining, Platinum is expensive to buy and process. This includes higher labour costs for manufacturing it, and also higher expense in recycling it. We can supply any of our own designs in Platinum on request.

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