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Pamp Kilo Platinum Bar
Pamp Kilo Platinum Bar

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In the UK, platinum bullion bars are subject to VAT, which remove much of their investment potential. Because of this, we do not offer new platinum bullion bars for sale. we do sometimes have 'second-hand' platinum bars , which we can offer on a tax inclusive basis, at premiums between 15% to 35% over the intrinsic metal value.

Weights of Platinum Bars
We can now supply the following bar sizes. Please note that not all sizes are available all the time as supply is variable. The most common size of platinum ingots we can get are:-

The bars we sell are of 0.995 fine platinum. They are stamped and guaranteed by a recognised platinum refiner, who may vary.

Prices & Availability
Please contact us prior to ordering for current prices and availability.
1000 Grams Yes 10% See Page
100 GramsYes15% Ask
50 Grams Ask17% Ask
1 OunceYes18% Ask
20 GramsAsk20% Ask
10 GramsAsk30% Ask
5 GramsAsk35% Ask

Platinum Medals & Medallions
We sometimes have stocks of platinum medals & medallions, most of which are quite rare, being issued only in small numbers.

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If you have an enquiry about any of our Platinum Bars, we'd be happy to answer you, but please note it may be quicker to telephone us. Please see the Contact Us page of our website. the Lowest Possible Price

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