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Obverse of 1984 Portugal 25 Escudos
Obverse of 1984 Portugal 25 Escudos

Reverse of 1984 Portugal 25 Escudos
Reverse of 1984 Portugal 25 Escudos

Obverse of 1989 Portugal 250 Escudos
Obverse of 1989 Portugal 250 Escudos

Reverse of 1989 Portugal 250 Escudos
Reverse of 1989 Portugal 250 Escudos

Portuguese Crowns
Most countries have issued crown sized coins. At about 33 to 40 millimetres, they are the largest sized coins which have been regularly issued world-wide.

Commemoratives & Collectors' Issues
Fortunately since about the mid 1960's, some countries have taken to issuing special commemorative coins for sale to collectors, and these have included many issues of crown sized coins.

Smaller Sizes
We have included a few coins in this list which are below what would be considered to be a "normal" crown size of about 35+mm, because we felt they fitted into this category better than elsewhere. Please check the "Diameter" column for individual coins.

25 Escudos28.5 Copper Nickel 
200 Escudos35.0 Copper Nickel 
200 Escudos33.5 Copper Nickel 
250 Escudos36.5 Copper Nickel 
500 Escudos30.513.960.500 Silver0.224
1000 Escudos4128.00.500 Silver0.4501
Diameter = millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams
ASW = Actual fine silver content in troy ounces

DateFace ValueDescriptionMintage
1984100 EscudosInternational Year of Disabled Persons in 1981990,000
198425 EscudosInternational Year of Disabled Persons in 19811,990,000
198625 EscudosEuropa - Admission to European Common Market4,990,000
1988250 Escudos24th Olympic Games in Seoul850,000
1989250 Escudos850th Anniversary Founding of Portugal750,000
1991200 EscudosColumbus & Portugal 1,500,000
1991200 EscudosWestward Navigation1,500,000
1992200 EscudosJoao Rodrigues Cabrilho1,300,000
1993200 EscudosArte Namban1,000,000
1994200 Escudos500th Anniversary of Henry the Navigator750,000
1994200 Escudos500th Anniversary - Treaty of Tordesilhas750,000
1994200 Escudos500th Anniversary of 'Dividing Up The World'750,000
1994200 Escudos500th Anniversary of King John the Second750,000
19971000 Escudos100th Anniversary of Portugese Oceanic Expedition 
19971000 EscudosPauliteiros Dancers 
19981000 Escudos500th Anniversary - Misericordia Church 
2001500 EscudosEuropean Capital of Culture Last Escudo - Silver 
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

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