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Bi-coloured Amethyst Citrine
Bi-coloured Amethyst Citrine

Quartz is a crystalline rock or mineral composed of silicon dioxide.
It is actually very common, and occurs in many varieties, a number of which are gemstones, some of which are very beautiful and very rare.

Different Groups of Quartz Gemstones
There are a number of different groups of quartz gems, differentiated by their exact composition and crystalline structure. These groups are:-

Gem Varieties of Quartz
The following are the main gem varieties of quartz. For details of each type, please take a look at their individual pages, where available. Further information about the other varieties will follow when time permits.

Technical Details
Chemical Composition and NameSiO2 - Silicon Dioxide
Specific Gravity2.65 - 2.66
Refractive Index (R.I.)1.543 - 1.552 to 1.545 - 1.554
Optic SignPositive
Optical CharacterUniaxial

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