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Queen Mother Centenary Crown
Queen Mother Centenary Silver Proof Crown
Queen Mother Coins Index
We have attempted to compile a complete list of all the known issues of Queen Mother coins from both the UK and the rest of the world.
This page is not intended to be a catalogue of coins for sale, but we have included links to relevant pages of our site which may contain stock offers.
We may have omitted some coins, if you spot an error or omission, please let us know.

Information About Queen Mother Coins
Many countries have now issued coins to honour and commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.
There were several years when a large number of countries issued coins, these are mainly big "0" years, corresponding to her 80th, 90th, and 100 birthdays, but there was also a prolific issue in the mid 1990's from 1994 to 1997 billed as the "Lady of the Century" collection, and in 2002 there were memorial or "celebration of life" issues.

Complete Index of World Queen Mother Coins
Silver or Base Metal
198080th BirthdayFalkland Islands
198080th BirthdayGibraltar
198080th BirthdayIsle of Man
198080th BirthdayGreat Britain
198080th BirthdayGuernsey
198080th BirthdaySt. Helena
198080th BirthdayTuvalu
198080th BirthdayUK United Kingdom
199090th BirthdayFalkland Islands
199090th BirthdayGibraltar
199090th BirthdayGreat Britain
199090th BirthdayGuernsey
199090th BirthdaySt. Helena - Ascension
199090th BirthdayTristan da Cunha
1994Lady of the CenturyBarbados
1994Lady of the CenturyCayman Islands
1994Lady of the CenturyCook Islands
1994Lady of the CenturyFiji
1994Lady of the CenturyGambia
1994Lady of the CenturyJamaica
1994Lady of the CenturyNauru
1994Lady of the CenturyNew Zealand
1994Lady of the CenturySeychelles
1994Lady of the CenturyVanuatu
1994Lady of the CenturyWestern Samoa
1995Lady of the CenturyBelize
1995Lady of the CenturyBhutan
1995Lady of the CenturyCook Islands
1995Lady of the CenturyFalkland Islands
1995Lady of the CenturyFiji
1995Lady of the CenturyGuernsey
1995Lady of the CenturyIsle of Man
1995Lady of the CenturyManx
1995Lady of the CenturyVanuatu
1996Lady of the CenturySeychelles
1995Lady of the CenturyTokelau
1995Lady of the CenturyTurks & Caicos Islands
1996Lady of the CenturyTonga
1996Lady of the CenturyVanuatu
1997Lady of the CenturyNiue
1997Lady of the CenturyPitcairn Islands
1997Lady of the CenturyTanzania
1997Lady of the CenturyTurks & Caicos Islands
1997Lady of the CenturyTuvalu
2000CentenaryCook Islands
2000CentenaryFalkland Islands
2000CentenaryGreat Britain
2000CentenarySolomon Islands
2000CentenaryPitcairn Island
2000CentenaryUK United Kingdom
2002Celebration of Life - Memorial UK United Kingdom
UK Issues
198080th Birthday
199090th Birthday
2002Celebration of Life

Gold Issues
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199090th Birthday
2002Celebration of Life

1980 British Queen Mother Crowns
This page contains further information and offers of the British crown in various versions.

1990 Queen Mother's 90th Birthday Crown
Details of the 1990 Queen Mother crowns in various versions including gold.

1994 - 1995 Queen Mother 'Lady of the Century' World Collection
A Collection of silver proof coins from 24 countries.

2000 Queen Mother's Centenary Crown
Details of the 2000 issue of Queen Mother crowns in various versions including gold.

2000 Queen Mother Centenary World Silver Crown Collection the Lowest Possible Price

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