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Obverse of 1997 Pitcairn Islands Queen Mother Coin
Obverse of 1997 Pitcairn Islands Queen Mother Coin
Reverse of 1997 Pitcairn Islands Queen Mother Coin
Obverse of 1997 Pitcairn Islands Queen Mother Coin
The Queen Mother - Lady of the Century
Born at the turn of the (19th / 20th) century, Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon was destined to become our present Queen Mother, one of the most influential and best loved women of our times. The Lady of the Century Collection compiled in her honour will undoubtedly be coveted by collectors everywhere.

1994 Queen Mother Collection
The complete collection comprises twenty-four silver coins from all over the world with superb reverse designs graphically tracing the remarkable life of the Queen Mother - as the young and beautiful Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, as Duchess of York, as Queen Consort to George VI and finally in her familiar role today as Queen Mother.
The Royal Mint Bulletin issue 53 winter edition 1994 offers these sets for sale to collectors. Typically this offer does not specify which were the 24 countries which would be issuing the coins! If you think this is surprising, the price is not mentioned either. The Barbados coin, only struck in .500 fine silver instead of .925 silver is shown as being offered at a specially reduced price as was the second coin, that from the Seychelles. The price for the Barbados was shown as £9.95, but no actual price was mentioned for the Seychelles coin, we guess it would be more than £9.95, and that the rest of the coins would have been more expensive still. Our guess is that the rest of the coins were probably priced about £29.50 each, making a total cost for the set of about £679.
Our list shows the coins we have in stock from this collection.

Queen Mother Silver Proof Coins
CountryDateFace ValueDescriptionDiameterWeightMintage
Alderney19955 PoundsReceiving Bouquet outside Clarence House38.6128.2810,000
Barbados19945 DollarsEngagement Portrait 192338.6128.2820,000
Barbados19941 DollarBorn Elizabeth Bowes Lyon 4th August 19003010.0050,000
Belize19955 DollarsSummer in Balmoral Castle 194538.6128.2820,000
Bhutan1995300 NgultrumHer Parents Home St. Paul's Walden Bury 190338.6128.2835,000
Cayman Islands19941 DollarBorn 4th August 190038.6128.2820,000
Cook Islands199420 DollarsThe Duchess of York and her Two Daughters 193638.6128.2830,000
Cook Islands19955 DollarsSilver Wedding Anniversary St. Paul's 194838.6128.2830,000
Falkland Islands1995Fifty PenceBirth of Princess Elizabeth 192638.6128.2830,000
Fiji19945 DollarsHer London Home - Clarence House34.1450.0050,000
Fiji199510 DollarsMove to Buckingham Palace 193738.7431.4730,000
Gambia199410 DalasisYear of the Three Kings 193638.6131.4720,000
Guernsey19955 PoundsFormal Present Day Portrait38.6128.2840,000
Guernsey19951 PoundFormal Present Day Portrait22.509.5025,000
Isle of Man19951 Crown95th Birthday38.6128.2830,000
Jamaica199425 DollarsRoyal Wedding - Elizabeth and Philip 194738.6131.4720,000
Nauru199410 DollarsInspecting Bombed Buckingham Palace 194038.6131.4730,000
New Zealand19945 DollarsBirth of Princess Elizabeth 192638.6128.2835,000
Niue19975 DollarsThe Blitz on London 194038.6131.4740,000
Pitcairn Islands19975 DollarsThe Most Noble Order of the Garter38.6131.4740,000
Seychelles199425 RupeesWedding - Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon - Duke of York 192338.6131.4720,000
Seychelles199625 RupeesFoundation of the Commonwealth 192638.6131.4740,000
Tanzania1997500 ShillingsThe Duke and Duchess East African Tour 192538.6131.4730,000
Tanzania19955 Lima TalaBirth of Grandson Prince Charles38.6131.4730,000
Tonga19961 Pa'angaThe Coronation of Elizabeth II 195338.6131.4730,000
Turks & Caicos Islands199520 CrownsThe Lady of the Century38.613220,000
Turks & Caicos Islands199720 Crowns1937 Coronation38.613220,000
Tuvalu19975 DollarsOpening of the Federal Parliament at Canberra 192738.6131.4730,000
Tuvalu19975 DollarsThe Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music38.6131.4730,000?
Vanuatu199450 VatuEnd of Victorian Era 190138.6131.4720,000
Vanuatu199550 VatuThe Birth of Great Grandson William 198238.6131.4730,000
Vanuatu199650 VatuVictoria and Albert Open Great Exhibition 185138.6131.4710,000
Western Samoa199410 TalasHer Youth in Glamis Castle38.6131.4730,000

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

How Many?
The astute reader, or those with nothing better to do than count the items in our list, may notice that there are a total of 33* coins listed above, from 24* different countries. We assume the Royal Mint didn't throw commercial sense to the wind, and give away the other 8 coins free of charge. Our guess is that some countries issued extra coins which were not part of the "programme", in which case some collectors may have felt cheated that they never acquired the complete set, and possibly never knew about the other coins. There may be other coins or other countries which still need to be added. If any Royal Mint customers have a complete list of the coins they received, we would appreciate a copy so that we can solve the mystery. There are some clues:-
* = Subject to revision.

  1. 1995 Alderney £5
    The Royal Mint card for this coin does not state "Lady of the Century", and its mintage is lower at only 10,000 compared with 20,000 for the collection, so it is likely that this coin was not part of the programme.
  2. 1995 Guernsey £5
    The Royal Mint card for this coin does not state "Lady of the Century", so it is likely that this coin was not part of the programme.
  3. 1995 Guernsey £1
    The Royal Mint card for this coin does not state "Lady of the Century", so it is likely that this coin was not part of the programme.
  4. 1995 Isle of Man
    The card we have seen for this is issued by Westminster Collection Ltd, a marketing company who sell coins. It is therefore possible that this coin was not part of the Royal Mint programme
  5. 1995 Turks & Caicos Islands 20 Crowns
    The production quality of this coin is far below that of the rest of the series, the portrait looks very amateurish, and the flat "field" on both sides is rather uneven. Presumably these were not made by the Royal Mint. Krause notes that a number of Turks coins around this period had a "crude portrait", but oddly do not mention it for this particular coin. The card is a Westminster one, and fails to state the issue limit.
  6. 1995 Turks & Caicos Islands 20 Crowns
    This matches the previous coin for production quality. the Westminster card for this coin does not even state for which country it was issued, it is only by deduction that we can make an intelligent guess.

Prices & Availability
CountryDateDenominationPrice £Price $
Barbados19945 Dollars£30$50
Barbados19941 Dollar£20$30
Cayman Islands19941 Dollar£25$38
Cook Islands199420 Dollars£25$38
Fiji19945 Dollars£15$25
Fiji199510 Dollars£30$50
Gambia199410 Dalasis£30$45
Guernsey19955 Pounds£12$20
Guernsey19951 Pound£22$35
Jamaica199425 Dollars£25$40
Nauru199410 Dollars£30$45
New Zealand19945 Dollars£20$30
Seychelles199425 Rupees£22$35
Turks & Caicos Islands199520 Crowns£10$18
Turks & Caicos Islands199720 Crowns£10$18
Vanuatu199450 Vatu£25$40
Western Samoa199410 Talas£22$35

Postage & Packing:
UK:At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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