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Obverse of Large Medallion
Obverse of Large Medallion
Reverse of Large Medallion
Reverse of Large Medallion
Set of 4 Medallions in Presentation Box
Set of 4 Medallions in Presentation Box
Queen Victoria - Una & the Lion
The Story of 'Una and the Lion' has its origins in the epic Poem 'The Faerie Queen' by the Elizabethan Poet Edmund Spenser, who intended it as an allegory of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I. Una represents innocence, honour, chastity and truth. In the story, her moral impeccability and all-round wholesomeness saves her from being eaten by the Lion, who is so impressed by her loveliness that he becomes her protector instead of devourer. The imagery in this story and the virtues celebrated by the characters was considered to be an ideal way of representing the young Queen Victoria and the British Empire. The 'Una and the Lion' gold 5 proof is one of the most famous and sought-after British numismatic rarities, and commands high premiums when an example comes up for sale. Anyone who wished to acquire one would expect to pay in excess of 30,000 to secure it.
Fortunately, this medallion set imitating this famous British coin can be yours for considerably less than the genuine article.

37mm31.7 grams9ct0.382 troy ounces
28mm12.9 grams9ct0.1555 troy ounces
22mm6.1 grams9ct0.070 troy ounces
19mm4.1 grams9ct0.049 troy ounces
Total Set of 454.8 grams9ct0.66 troy ounces

Complete Set in BoxYes

Queen Victoria - Una & the Lion

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Buying & Selling
Buyers and sellers alike may be interested to note that gold medallions like these often trade at prices close to their intrinsic metal value. While this may not be what sellers wish to hear, it should delight potential buyers.
At the time of creating this page, we had a set of these medallions in stock, and would be happy to sell them for a modest premium over their intrinsic gold content, however as with many pages of our website, this page has a dual purpose, to sell our stock, and to provide information. If you have a similar set of medallions, which you would like to sell, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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