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Roman Historical Notes
Obverse of Quintillus Antoninianus

Reverse of Quintillus Antoninianus
Conco Exerc,

Quintillus 270 A.D.

Quintillus was the brother of Claudius II. Upon the death of Claudius, the soldiers present declared Quintillus Emperor and the Senate approved his elevation to the purple. However, Aurelian, one of Claudius II's most trusted generals, was declared Emperor by his own soldiers campaigning with him in the Danube region. Aurelian claimed (not neccessarily without any justification) that Claudius had declared him to be his rightful successor and marched back into Italy with his large army of crack legions to challenge Quintillus for the imperial diadem.
Although Quintillus enjoyed the support of the Senate, the support of the Army was far more crucial, and the forces under Aurelian's control were more powerful than those under the command of Quintillus. The odds against Quintillus became obvious to his troops, and they deserted him in favour of Aurelian. Quintillus was either killed or committed suicide shortly after this. His reign had lasted no more than six months, and probably less, making Quintillus one of the emperors whose coin issues are comparatively scarce in relation to those of his elder brother and of his victorious adversary, Aurelian.

Featured on the coin is the usual portrait of the Emperor wearing a radiate crown on the obverse, whilst the reverse features the Goddess of Harmony Concordia surrended by the legend 'Conco(rdia) Exerc(iti)', intending to demonstrate Quintillus' alliance with and mutual favour with the Army. As with much of the propaganda displayed on Roman coin reverses, actual events contradicted the wishful thinking that had inspired the message.

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Roman Historical Notes
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