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Obverse of Ceolwulf Silver Penny
Obverse of Ceolwulf Silver Penny
Reverse of Ceolwulf Silver Penny
Reverse of Ceolwulf Silver Penny
Silver Penny of Ceolwulf I

Ceolwulf I was an Anglo Saxon king of Mercia from A.D. 821 to 823
Coins of Ceolwulf were struck mainly at Canterbury, but also in Rochester and East Anglia. Several different reverse designs were used on his coins.

Silver Pennies
The silver penny was the main, often the only, coin type for many centuries, from about 780 for the next 500 years, and was the only denomination known for Ceolwulf.
Our authentically produced replica has been produced by the ancient process of hand hammering.

Crude portrait of Ceolwulf facing right, with large lettered inscription around.

The reverse design was the moneyer's name in three lines.
Our engraver has taken some slight liberties with the wording on this particular piece. Of course, at the time any person caught making copies of coins would be severely punished, by a large fine, imprisonment, mutilation, or execution.

Technical Specifications
All dimensions are approximate, and subject to tolerance.
Diameter: 21 mm
Weight: 1.2 grams
Alloy 92.5% silver

In mint state, an original would cost several thousand pounds.

Prices & Availability
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DenominationGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $
Silver PennyUncirculatedYes£3.95 $ 5.50

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