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Eric Bloodaxe Silver Penny Obverse
Eric Bloodaxe Silver Penny Reverse
Silver Penny of Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe
From about 866 A.D. the Vikings, particularly the Danish, started to raid and occupy Britain. The best known was Cnut or Canute. An appeasement policy was begun, and money, known as "Danegeld" was paid as protection money. This policy was only partly successful, because naturally, the Danes kept returning for more.
Eric was one of a number of Hyberno-Norse Vikings, who took the Kingdom of York from Eadred after the death of his father Eadmund.
Eric temporarily lost York to Onlaf Sihtricsson in 948, but regained it from 952 to 954 when he was finally ousted again by Eadred.
During his first reign, pennies were issued with a short cross on each side, and during the second reign a sword design was used on the obverse.
It would be difficult to imagine a more evocative and bloodthirsty name than "Bloodaxe"!

Silver Pennies
The silver penny was the main, often the only, coin type for many centuries, around this period.
Our authentically produced replica is based on the sword type issued during the second reign, and has been produced by the ancient process of hand hammering.

Crude sword between two lines of lettering.

Short cross with four pellets within inner circle.
The original reverse inscription would have given the name of the moneyer, but our engraver has taken the opportunity to claim his slice of perpetuity.

Technical Specifications
All dimensions are approximate, and subject to tolerance.
Diameter: 21 mm
Weight: 1.2 grams
Alloy 92.5% silver

In any condition, coins of Eric are very rare. In mint state, an original would cost over £10,000.

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