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Ethelstan Silver Penny Obverse
Ethelstan Silver Penny Reverse
Silver Penny of King Ethelstan

Ethelstan, Aethelstan, or Edelstan
Ethelstan was the son of Edward (Aedward) the Elder, and the grandson of the famous King Alfred the Great.
He inherited the Kingdom of West Mercia in A.D. 924. In 927 he invaded the Viking held areas of Northumberland, and claimed with some justification to be the first King of All England.
During his reign, the number of mints were increased, so that one operated in almost every borough, making a total of about thirty.
He also issued the "Statute of Greatley" in A.D. 928, which specified, for the first time, a single national currency.
There were two main coin types of Ethelstan, one bearing his portrait, and the other with a small cross in the centre of the obverse. Our coin is based on this latter, small cross type.

Silver Pennies
The silver penny was the main, often the only, coin type for many centuries, around this period.
Our authentically produced replica is based on the small cross type issued during the second reign, and has been produced by the ancient process of hand hammering.

Small cross in the centre of an inner circle, with the inscription between the inner and outer circles.

The moneyer's name in two lines, with crosses and pellets.

Technical Specifications
All dimensions are approximate, and subject to tolerance.
Diameter: 21 mm
Weight: 1.2 grams
Alloy 92.5% silver

In mint state, an original would cost over £1,000.

Price £3.95
US $5.95

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